US Release Date Feb 22, 2019
UK Release Date Feb 22, 2019
Players 1-4
Score 7
  • Honomaru

    I’m not sure from this article if you are upset about the fact that Anthem is tangibly failing as a service or if you are more upset that EA is not bothering to cover it up.

    Dude what would a “video of milestones” prove in lieu of this performance? Itd probably just be stupid figure embellishments that amounts to nothing more than “No really, we’re doing just fine in our burning house!” type propaganda.

    I think it’s a good thing they didn’t bother wasting anymore of our time with bs. Shows they understand its too many ppl on their ass right now. When the nerds start calculating and broadcasting the roll percentages and loot algorithms of ur game, you know ur screwed.