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Apex Legends Loba and Season 5 Trailer Breakdown

Respawn has officially revealed Loba for Apex Legends and detailed Season 5 – Fortune’s Favor. The trailer went live earlier this week and it gives us our first look at what we can expect from Loba’s move set, some more lore to dissect, and other hidden details.

At face value, the trailer furthers the plot of Apex Legends. We see Loba infiltrating the Apex Games to locate and eliminate Revenant in her quest for revenge. However, it seems that Revenant, as we know it, is just one platform that he occupies.

There are seemingly hundreds of other bodies underneath the Kings Canyon map, waiting for Revenant’s consciousness to be uploaded, upon the destruction of a previous android body. All of which are controlled by a core. That core being Revenant’s human head. This is all an experiment by the game’s overarching villain, Hammond Robotics.

RIP Skull Town. Kings Canyon in Apex Legends is forever changed.

Due to the destruction of the facility, the ground above comes crumbling down. Perhaps a self-destruction sequence to hide their secret? Built on top of that secret is Skull Town which means this is the biggest map change in Apex Legends so far. Respawn have destroyed, arguably the most popular area of the Kings Canyon Map.

During Loba’s attempt to destroy Revenant’s core, she ends up in a battle against other robots that look like spectres from the Titanfall series. Perhaps spectres will play a role in the future, where they could be hacked by someone such as Crypto, just as they could in both Titanfall games.

Elsewhere, the trailer gives us a glimpse at Loba’s abilities. She uses a device on her staff to quickly steal a weapon before one of the robots can grab it, which plays directly into her thief origin. She also uses a device on her wrist to teleport, which might be a similar device to the one we saw in the incredible ‘Effects and Cause’ mission in Titanfall 2.

New location possibly teased In Apex Legends Season 5 trailer.

When we see Revenant’s head in the core, as Loba is confronting him, she sets off an alarm and with it; an emergency procedure. What’s left of Revenant’s human self, is being rapidly prepped for transport to another facility in another location, Psamathe. Psamathe being the home planet of legends Lifeline and Octane. If that’s where Revenant’s core is being transferred too, will Loba and thus the Apex Games itself, follow?

That’s not all. At the top of the animated trailer, we see a Mirage decoy talking to Pathfinder. A Mirage buff has been long expected, and perhaps more deceiving decoys are a part of that buff. The gift Loba’s father gives her when she’s a child (as seen in the season 4 trailer), can be seen attached to her staff, hinting at a future heirloom set.

Apex Legends Season 5: Fortune’s Favor will begin on May 12th, and you can get some details on the season here. The Battle Armor Event is currently well underway until then. EA also recently stated that Apex Legends was PSN’s most downloaded game in 2019.