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Apex Legends Season 19: Ignite Gameplay Trailer Shows New Legend Conduit In Action

Apex Legends new season will arrive this coming Tuesday, and Season 19: Ignite will introduce a brand new legend, Conduit, who could potentially shake up the in-game meta quite a bit.

On Thursday, we got to really see Conduit in action for the first time, as Respawn revealed a gameplay trailer for the new season, showcasing each of Conduit’s abilities.

Her passive is called Savior’s Speed, a speed boost while running towards a teammate who’s out of tactical range, while her tactical called Radiant Transfer, and where she’ll send a surge of energy to teammates and provide them and herself with temporary shields.

Finally, Conduit’s ultimate ability is called Energy Barricade, where she throws an array of shield jamming devices which both damage and slow down enemies.

The way that Conduit can effect both your teammates and enemies shields could potentially make her a key player in the Apex meta, she could even potentially make a splash among professional players.

Of course Conduit isn’t the only new change in Apex Legends coming in the new season, the trailer also shows that the map Storm Point has had quite a makeover, which could help it win favour in players eyes.

The maps in Apex have been one of the key things that battle royale fans loved, though Storm Point has yet to really win the hearts of the Apex community. Hopefully this redesign can help with that.

You can check out the gameplay trailer that shows off each of Conduit’s abilities for yourself, below.

Source – [Respawn]