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Apex Legends To Get More Maps In The Future Suggests Job Listing


It looks like Apex Legends is set to get more maps for its traditional battle royale mode in the future.

According to a vacancy, posted on May 19, Respawn is looking for a new experienced level designer.

The job description has many bullet points of what to expect from the role, as well as what is required, but most interestingly it states the following:

“Create and own large scale multiplayer maps iterating through gameplay blackouts in a live playtest environment”

This news comes off the back of the recent news that Respawn opened a new studio in Vancouver with the sole purpose of working on new content for Apex Legends. World’s Edge debuted in season 3 leading fans to believe that season 5 would bring a new map, assuming there would be a new map every 2 seasons. With season 5 well underway, we know that didn’t come to fruition. King’s Canyon did, however, get a makeover with the introduction of their new Legend, Loba.

The bigger question is: where will this new map take us? The answer could well be in the trailer for Season 5. Eagle-eyed fans may have noticed that when Revenant’s core was evacuated upon Loba’s infiltration, it was transferred to another facility on Psamathe.

Of course, it’s worth noting this could be a red herring, as Respawn has done this in the past misleading fans to maintain a surprise.

Apex Legends is available now on PS4.

Source – [EA]