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Astro’s Playroom Runs At Flawless 4K/60 FPS On PS5

Astro’s Playroom, the pre-installed PS5 game from developer Team Asobi, runs at a solid 60 FPS in full 4K resolution.

Now that PS5 consoles are out in the wild, we can expect to hear more about what its like to use the console and have one in your home. The news regarding Astro’s Playroom comes from Digital Foundry, and though they can’t go quite in-depth, they are able to share some incredible footage. Watch for yourself here:

What is interesting to note is that because the game is pre-installed, updating your console’s firmware could also mean an update for Astro’s Playroom. Digital Foundry points this out, and displays the few minor differences they caught before and after the update.

The differences are small and ultimately do nothing to affect gameplay, but the level of detail is more in line with what next-generation games should look like, specifically regarding a higher level of detail in environments and level design.

Astro’s Playroom may have been announced as a way to climatize players to the new DualSense controller, but more and more it looks like we’re getting a fun, short little platformer that’s just all about celebrating PlayStation.

Astro’s Playroom will be available as a pre-installed game on all PS5 consoles at launch on November 12 in select countries and November 19 globally.