Atlus possibly teasing Persona 5 announcement

Video game publisher Atlus recently created a website that is thought to be teasing an upcoming announcement for Persona 5.

The website is a simple page with a time and date, November 24. A closer look at the HTML code for the site reveals the word "Persona" located within.

The website description also states "On November the 24, 2013 something will happen…" When using the tweet button on the webpage, a hashtag is automatically added to your message. The hashtag reads "ペルソナ," which translated from Katakana to English reads "Persona."

Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios (SCE WWS) President Shuhei Yoshida also tweeted about the teaser saying, "I retweeted because I’m a Persona fan, but I don’t necessarily know something."


With all the mounting evidence it’s safe to suggest that this is indeed a Persona-related announcement. Whether it is indeed Persona 5, or a spin-off remains to be seen.