B-Boy coming to North America this summer

South Peak Games announced this morning that it will distribute B-Boy for the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable this summer in North America.

B-Boy will allow gamers to prove their skills as they face the world’s greatest breakdancers.

“B-Boy is the only game that gives players the opportunity to become premiere breakers,” said Katie Morgan, Executive Vice President at SouthPeak Games. “The game’s fantastic playability, dead-on authenticity and high production values give it a style all its own. While it remains true to its roots of the scene, it maintains a feel that gamers will love.”

B-Boy continuously challenges players as they progress from low-key neighborhood street battles all the way to high stakes world championships. While working on their skills, they will also have to confront obstacles such as building their crew and their rep by battling real-life b-boys from Europe, Asia, and North America.

Source: Press Release