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Battlefield 2042 Season 4: Eleventh Hour Arrives This Month, Adds A New Map, It’s Final Specialist, And More In New Gameplay Trailer

Battlefield 2042 just got a major update that brought the game back to the class system series veterans know and love, while also making big changes to maps, adding vault weapons, and more.

Now a new gameplay trailer for Season 4: Eleventh Hour shows the new features players will be able to expect when jumping into the battlefield in the new season.

We now also know that Season 4 will launch on February 28, 2023.

A new map, Flashpoint, is being added in Season 4. Set in northern South Africa, this map makes an abandoned development complex the battlefield.

It’s a very vehicle friendly map with medium, long, and close-range combat areas throughout, making for a varied gameplay experience as your team progresses further into the map.

The other big addition for Season 4: Eleventh Hour is Battlefield 2042’s final specialist, Camilla Blasco. Hailing from Spain, Blasco comes with an ambush expert trait and will be added to the Recon class, bringing with her an X6-Infiltration device.

A beacon that when placed, jams enemy communications, targeting systems, and eliminates all enemy motion-based technology within its range.

It only stops jamming enemy tech when it’s been destroyed, or deactivated. Even better, is that the X6 will also detect enemy technology within range, making it easier to give your side the technical advantage on the battlefield.

Blasco now makes 14 specialists in the game total, and at least for now, it seems that she’ll be the last to be added to the game, as DICE is now turning its attention to balancing and perfecting Battlefield 2042’s gameplay meta with its return to the class system.

New weapons will also be added in Season 4, like the RM68 assault rifle and the Super 500.

Beginning with the Super 500, a close-range pump-action shotgun that packs quite the wallop looks like it’ll be a great addition for the secondary slot in a close-quarters focused loadout.

The RM68 assault rifle comes equipped with a silencer as a counter-weight to reduce recoil. It also comes with two alternating sights, making it suitable in both medium and close-range combat situations.

Next, the AC9 SMG is a very lightweight submachine gun that has an incredible rate of fire, while remaining easy to handle and control.

The RPT-31 is the new LMG being added in Season 4, a new prototype LMG that offers a lower rate of fire with very hard-hitting rounds and high bullet speed.

It’s almost meant to be a sort of middle point between an assault rifle and an LMG, making it very versatile.

More weapons from the Battlefield vault previously only available in Portal mode will also be available in the whole game in Season 4, beginning with the semi-automatic sniper rifle, the SVD from Battlefield 3.

The Type 88 LMG, also from Battlefield 3 is another that’ll come out of the vault into the rest of the game.

Regarding new vehicles, the CAV Brawler rolls its way into Season 4, and the new gadget will be the SPH Explosive Launcher, which fires a stick-on explosive that detonates on a short delay.

Battlefield 2042 definitely didn’t have the best time when it first launched, though its clear from the continued efforts of DICE that the development team is indeed doing its best to listen to players.

It’ll be very interesting to see how the game continues to develop and grow. You can check out the new gameplay trailer revealed today for yourself, here.

Source – [DICE]