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Battlefield V DLC Details Revealed At E3 2019, New Maps & Level Cap Increase

Battlefield V Tides of War Chapter 2 Release Date

Some new details on upcoming Battlefield V DLC have been unveiled at EA Play during E3 2019. As expected, a bunch of updates are coming to the multiplayer component of the game, including a brand new theatre of war and fresh maps.

Battlefield V DLC Details Revealed

First up is a brand new map, Marita, which takes place during the Battle of Greece. This is an infantry-focussed map where you’ll deploy on a mountain slope reach or a nearby town, the latter of which is controlled by the Allies. However, Axis forces are approaching the settlement, and you’ll need to defend the road if you want a chance of keeping the town.

Marita will be dropping in July as part of Battlefield V Chapter 4: Defying the Odds.

DICE also detailed the release of Al Sundan, which is deploying on June 27 as the first map for Defying the Odds. This map has been adapted from the single-player effort Under No Flag, and affords plenty of opportunity to get stuck into some vehicle combat, as well as securing mounted guns and aircraft. In fact, the nearby airfield is a key strategic point that you’ll want to capture during the battle.

If vehicles aren’t your cup of tea, you can simply take part in the tight infantry combat throughout the numerous interiors that punctuate the desert landscape.

Operation Underground meanwhile is arriving in October, between chapter 4 and 5 of Battlefield V. This takes place in the metro system, where you’ll be mixing it up in between with subway cars in a map that promises to accommodate numerous playstyles.

In addition, DICE is also bumping up the level cap significantly. Starting August, the cap will be raised from 50 to 500. Private Games are also coming to Battlefield V, as per fan request, and it’ll launch in September.

Battlefield V originally released in November. Earlier this week Chapter 4 of the game was revealed, unveiling new maps coming to the game. Firestorm, the Battle-Royale component of the game, will also be receiving some new content.

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Battlefield V is available now on PS4.