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Battlefield V Firestorm’s Halvøy Map is the Largest in the History of the Series

Battlefield V: Firestorm - Halvøy Map

Last week, we found out that Battlefield V: Firestorm – the game’s battle royale mode – will be releasing on the 25th March.

At the same time, we were treated to a rather cinematic trailer that gave us at least a reasonable idea as to what we can expect from Firestorm when it launches next Monday. The map on which rounds of Firestorm are set, on the other hand, was still something of a mystery. Until today.

Not only has EA, via a series of posts on the game’s official Twitter account, revealed that the map is called Halvøy, we also know that it is the largest in the history of the illustrious shooter.

Halvøy Dwarfs the Competition

To put it into context, Hamada, the current record holder for largest map in Battlefield V, is a staggering ten times smaller than Halvøy. Which makes sense, when you think about it.

With such a heavy emphasis on vehicles, teamwork, and contextual destruction, DICE had to design something that would be able to both facilitate tanks, helicopters, boats etc. and still retain the creeping tension that makes battle royale games so addictive.

If Halvøy was, say, similar in size to either Fortnite’s Island or Apex Legends’ Kings Canyon, there’d be few places for players to hide when a tank came barrelling round the corner. Likewise, any sense of tension would be immediately dissipated when the cover that was available had been blown to smithereens in the first five minutes of action.

Obviously, the proof of the pudding will be in the eating, but, as we said in our previous article on the subject of Firestorm, everything we’ve seen and heard so far sounds extremely promising for DICE’s first foray into the battle royale genre.

Source: EA