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Battlefield V USSR Comment Leads To Russian Backlash, But There’s A Happy Ending

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Whenever there’s a game about war, you can guarantee that they’ll be some controversy. First up, for Battlefield V it was the inclusion of women at the forefront that upset some gamers. This latest controversy, however, is justified.

During the launch event for Battlefield V in Stockholm, Sweden, producer David Sirland has offended a nation with his comments about Russia and their part in World War II. Speaking exclusively to Russia site, DTR, Sirland confirms that the USSR’s representation in the game is reflected by nothing more than some weapons.

What has really inflamed Russian gamers, however, is a comment where he suggests that the exclusion of USSR soldiers was because they “switched sides at least once during the war”. The full answer to the question (via Google translate) which asked “Will the game have CCCP?” can be seen below.

Of course, it will be – at least in the form of weapons and equipment for sure. We want the game to represent all the main participants in World War II. Only with the USSR there is a small problem, because they have changed sides – at least once, but we will probably figure out how to add them.

Russians took to Twitter under the hashtag #ApologizeforUSSR, where he was accused of re-writing history and glorifying the West in the War, to demand an apology,

Sirland quickly apologized in an interview with Russian site DTF, stating: “that it would be difficult to put [the USSR] into the theater of military operations which includes the fighting between the Allies and Axis force.'” He then went on to say: “I’m sorry for the misunderstanding, and sorry for making you angry.”

Following the apology, he then confirmed that USSR soldiers and USSR vehicles will feature in the game at some point. Further details will be revealed at a later date.

Battlefield V is due for release on November 15. For more details, check out the launch trailer, trophies and get ready for that huge day-one patch.