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Best Blackout Perks For Black Ops 4 To Help You Be The Last Man Standing

blackout best perks

Surviving for as long as possible in Blackout for Call of Duty Black Ops 4 requires strategy and quick reactions for making sure you’ve picked up the best Blackout perks and use them effectively is also crucial.

In the following guide, we take a look at the full list of Blackout perks that you can use to turn the battle to your advantage. We also give you a breakdown of what each perk does and how you use them to your advantage.

How To Find And Use Blackout Perks

Perks are a consumable item that you need to equip to use. You’ll find a variety of Blackout Perks by looting buildings, but you’ll need to activate them to use them. Some important things to remember are that:

  1. Perks take two seconds to work once activating
  2. They only last for a limited time. They are temporary buffs.
  3. You can activate them while moving if need be.
  4. You can only have six perks in your inventory at one time.
  5. You can activate multiple perks.

How To Activate Your Blackout Perks

Use your d-pad to scroll through the perks you’ve picked up. Simply select the perk you want to activate and it will be available for a limited time.

Blackout Perks List – All Perks Available


Listening carefully to the movement of your enemies is crucial in Black Ops 4. The Awareness perk makes their footsteps louder so you hear them coming more clearly.


If you’re ready to go up close and personal and use your melee attack, then the Brawler perk is for you. Not only will melee attacks deal more damage to your enemies, but you’ll also gain 50 health points.

Dead Silence

The Dead Silence perk allows you to creep around more quietly. Not only will your footsteps be less audible, but you’ll make less noise when opening those precious stashes. Sadly, it doesn’t work on the sound of smashing windows!


If the circle is moving in and you need to get swiftly into the safe zone, the Engineer perk is excellent. It flags up vehicles and it also reveals enemy equipment.


With the mobility perk activated you can take a fall from any height and suffer no damage. You can also swap between weapons more quickly, fire when sprinting and enjoy faster reloading.


If you’re in the thick of it and under attack, the Reinforced perk can help you out. You’ll take no damage from razer wire, concussion or flashbang grenades. You’ll also be more resistant to explosions and fire, taking less damage.

Squad Link

You can keep an eye on your squad with the Squad Link perk. Activate it and you’ll see them through walls. This way if they’re in a fire-fight you can see exactly where you are and plan your strategy to help out better.

Best Blackout Perks

The chances are you’re not going to have any choice in which perks you find lying around. Their usefulness varies greatly between the situation you’re in. So, the best thing to do is to understand what each of the perks does, and then experiment with them in battle.

We’ve personally found that the mobility perk has been our favorite. If we find this, we try to hang onto it to near end-game when swapping weapons and firing when sprinting can really turn the tide of the battle.

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