Big Call of Duty 4 update on the horizon

Left face and salute Infinity Ward, curators of awesome-o war game Call of Duty 4, as they have update plans for their epic title.

The update starts with the usual online game update, a switching of maps and updating playlists etc etc, but the real meat comes with some gameplay and networking updates. Firstly is ‘host migration’, where by before you would be completely disconnected when the host left, now the next suitable host is selected. Also, some connection issues with large parties have been supposedly smoothed out as well. Lastly, some bugs like the one with corrupt class data kicking players have been fixed.

Some gameplay elements have been tweaked, like unlimited sprint in old school mode, larger magazines and a ragdoll cam. Sniper Rifles have been adjusted to be slightly more accurate, and more spawn points have been added in all the maps. Also, a ‘bug’ where sprinting was longer with different weapons (“everyone runs faster with a knife”) has been fixed so sprint length is the same.

The most amusing new feature is an updated kill cam, which will show you exactly what killed you. Even bombs from air strikes. It will actually show said bomb dropping from the aircraft and smacking straight into your gormless face. Awesome.

Stay tuned.

Source: Joystiq