Black Desert Guide PS4 Tips

9 Black Desert PS4 Tips To Get You Started

Every new MMO has its own standout, but Black Desert is its own breed of cat. While it features many similar components to other games, many of the background elements are entirely unique. So, to help out, we’ve put together a list of Black Desert PS4 tips to help you get acclimated to the game a little quicker.

Black Desert PS4 Tips – Listen To Everything

With most MMOs, you don’t really have to pay attention to what the game tells you. Black Desert isn’t one of those games. Tons of information comes at you from all directions, and that’s not just basic tutorial information either. NPCs say random things that give you pointers to what you’re doing. You may not recognize what they mean right away, but that information will useful somewhere down the line.

Talk to everyone who has their names over their heads. If you need knowledge from elsewhere before someone will talk to you, that person usually offers hints.

What the NPCs say may feel generic. That is until you realize that talking to all NPCs gives you Knowledge, which I later learned the importance of. Since discovering that fact, I have committed to listening to everything said to me and reading every dialogue prompt along the way. You’ll be surprised by what you learn.

Black Desert PS4 Tips – What Is Knowledge?

Knowledge comes from everything you do, from turning in quests to defeating enemies to the aforementioned talking to NPCs. That knowledge adds to a greater whole that you can use to interact with other NPCs. Each NPC has his or her own interests and talking points, and each person offers their own benefits. Some offer quests after gaining Amity with them, and others will give you Knowledge on another topic.

Getting people to like you grants you all kinds of things, from Knowledge to even new quests!

Black Desert PS4 Tips – Amity Creates More Knowledge

You gain Amity from engaging in conversations with NPCs. Each NPC requires a different level of Amity. In short, more Amity with an NPC means they like you more.

When initiating a conversation with an NPC, you are greeted with a grid that represents their Horoscope. For each node on the Horoscope, you must place a talking point that interests the NPC. You gain these talking points through a variety of ways.

Black Desert PS4 Tips – Remove The Chat Window

The chat window takes up a great deal of space on the screen, and you may not always want it blocking what you’re doing. So, to remove it, hold L2, press left on the D-Pad, and then push the right analogue stick to the right. From this same menu, you can look at your Friends list as well as your Guild page. Unfortunately, you need to turn off the chat every time you log back into the game, but the command is rather simple.

If you’d still like to use chat from time to time, just press the TouchPad to bring the chat window back up temporarily. In this form, the chat window takes up about half of the screen, but a simple press of the circle button closes it again.

You can also resize the chat window. From the TouchPad chat window, hold L2 and press Triangle. The default chat window will now be smaller.

Black Desert PS4 Tips – Camera Zoom

You will often have to adjust your camera zoom in-game which can be done in the following way. While stationary, press and hold R3. Then move the Right Joystick up and down to zoom in and out. To cancel the adjustment, move the Left Joystick.

Black Desert PS4 Tips – Making Money, Money

In all MMOs, you pick up vendor trash that you can sell to any merchant. However, in Black Desert, those items are not exactly visible. So, when you go through your inventory, press Square on an item to see if it can be sold to a vendor or not. Anything meant for a profession should be kept for that profession (more on Professions below).

In order to sell anything on the Central Market, you must put the items in the Central Market’s Wallet at the Central Market vendor.

If you’re close to a Central Market, you can also post your items up in Auctions. The money you receive from selling items this way yields quite a bit more money than just selling to a vendor, but it takes much more time. You also have to find a Central Market vendor in order to post items for sale, like the one found in Heidal City. You then must place items in your wallet before they can be sold.

Once they’re in your Wallet, you can sell them at any time, even when out in the field. You can find the Central Market menu by pressing Options. It’s located on the bottom left of the menu screen.

Black Desert PS4 Tips – Professions

In Black Desert, you don’t need to initiate professions or train in them before you can start gathering. You just need the tools to perform their tasks, like a pickaxe for mining or a knife for skinning. These items can be purchased from any Material Vendor, like Feinia in the Western Guard Camp early on.

Just make sure to equip the tool you need to use when you want to use it. You cannot have multiple tools equipped at once, so you’ll have to change them out from the Inventory screen whenever you change tasks.

Fishing rocks, really. You can cast a line and let the game catch fish for you automatically while you go AFK.

Black Desert PS4 Tips – Fishing

Fishing is a bit more unique when it comes to Professions. You still have to equip the fishing pole, which replaces your main weapon; However, if you so choose, you can let the game fish automatically for you.

So, if you have random things in your life that you need to do, just set your character down on a dock and catch some fish. They’re great for both selling and crafting, and you even get a Trophy or two from leveling the skill.

Black Desert PS4 Tips – Don’t Forget Your Horse

Seriously, never run too far away from your horse. If you stray too far, the horse will not respond to your call. That means you have to go in search of it manually. Besides, the horse acts as spare storage, so keeping them close is especially important.

The Deluxe and Ultimate Editions of the game offer you a free horse. However, if you only have the standard edition, you can still catch and tame a wild horse. You need to get a Capturing Rope from a Stable Keeper, go out in search of a horse to tame, and then bring it back to the Stable Keeper.

With a Catching Rope, you can go tame your own horse!

Thank you for reading our Black Desert PS4 tips! Black Desert is available now on PS4.

Have you jumped into Black Desert yet? What do you think of it so far? Let us know if there’s anything else you’re curious about, and we’ll look into it for you.