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Black Desert Update 2.32 Kick Starts O’Dyllita Part 2, Adds More Character Class Tweaks

Pearl Abyss has unleashed the Black Desert update 2.32 patch notes for your viewing pleasure, and it’s a whopper, adding a host of new content with O’Dyllita Part 2 and a wealth of tweaks to character classes, items, and more.

Read up on the latest Black Desert patch notes below.

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O’dyllita Part 2

● The main quest for O’dyllita part two follows the ‘[Lv.60 O’dyllita II] The Gem of Imbalance’ has been added
– In order to proceed with the quest, you must have completed the ‘[O’dyllita] Keepsake of Ataraxia’ quest from O’dyllita part 1.

O’dyllita Hunting Begins

● Added new Hunting quests.
– Adventurers who have completed the True Hunter quest can receive the New Legend quest from Verita of Port Epheria.
– Completing the quest line will allow you to receive 3 daily Hunting quests from Roussea of Narcion.

● Added new Hunting actions which can be obtained by completing the last quest “Hunter’s Dream” in the O’dyllita Hunting quest line.
– Hold RB/R1 during left or right roll to quickly kneel and shoot.
– Hold RB/R1 during backwards roll to quickly stand and shoot.
– Press RB/R1 while sprinting forward to shoot while sliding forward.

● Added Breath of Narcion as new item that can be obtained by defeating Hunting monsters in Narcion, O’dyllita.

● According to Roussea, the famous hunter, Animals have begun to migrate to the Narcion area of O’Dyllita
– 4 Hunting monsters (Grass Rhino, Verdure Buck, Shadow Wolf, Shadow Lion ) have been added to the area.
– Four hunting boss monsters (Grass Rhino, Verdure Buck, Shadow Wolf, Shadow Lion) have been added.
* Monsters in this area must be killed with Matchlocks.
– If you get the item “Life-bearing Wind” while butchering a hunted animal, the boss hunting monster will appear.
– Butchering the boss hunting monster has a higher chance of dropping the “Breath of Narcion” and gives more of the standard loot.

● Added [Hunting] Master Matchlock.
– [Hunting] Master Matchlock requires Artisan Hunter 10.
– [Hunting] Master Matchlock has higher AP, faster reload speed, and better Durability than the [Hunting] Artisan Matchlock.
– Can craft at Lv. 4 Tool Workshop using [Hunting] Artisan Matchlock +10.
– Breath of Narcion obtained from Hunting in O’dyllita is required to craft a [Hunting] Master Matchlock.

● Added Furniture as a drop item from defeating Hunting monsters in Narcion, O’dyllita.
– Stuffed Grass Rhino Head
– Stuffed Verdure Buck
– Stuffed Verdure Doe
– Stuffed Shadow Wolf Head
– Stuffed Shadow Lion Head

● Added special furniture crafting methods that can upgrade the buff effects of Artisan and Master level stuffed furniture.
– Only the new stuffed furniture obtained at Narcion, O’dyllita can be crafted into special furniture at the moment. More special furnitures are being planned to be added later.
– Breath of Narcion obtained from Hunting in O’dyllita is required to craft special furniture.
– Once Artisan and Master level stuffed furnitures are upgraded to special furnitures, buffs gained at the residence will now last 3 hours.

New Hunting monsters have settled down in the southern fields of O’dyllita, Narcion. You can obtain the Breath of Narcion by defeating these monsters from which you can make a higher tier Matchlock. Also, completing the new Hunting questline will allow adventurers to learn new actions that makes quick use of the Matchlock. Defeating Hunting monsters in Narcion will give you stuffed furnitures that allow 1 hour buffs, but upgrading them will boost the duration of the buff to 3 hours. Upgrade feature of other stuffed furniture are being planned to be added later on.

● Roussea, the Hunter of Narcion, can now exchange Usable hides and Supreme Hides for Damaged Hides and Usable Hides.

● You can also use simple alchemy on hides to transform them.
– Useable Hide x1 Damaged Hides x2
– Supreme Hide x1 Usable Hide x2
* You can also use Black Stone Powder to mass produce the hides
– Useable Hide x10 + Black Stone Powder x1 Damaged Hides x20
– Supreme Hide x10 + Black Stone Powder x1 Usable Hide x20

● Added 30 Artisan’s/Masters Special stuffed items that can be crafted through Hunting.
– In order to make these Special items, you require the use of the Breath of Narcion item that can be obtained by killing monsters in the Narcion Area.
※ Special Item production can also be made using Omua’s Breath, which can be obtained while hunting in the future when the Mountain of Eternal Winter is added.
– Special stuffed items can be made by combining the materials together. The buff duration from the items will increase to 3 hrs.

– You can find information regarding these items in the Crafting Notes.

Improved Pet Looting

The way pets acquire loot, as mentioned in CalpheON Episode 2, has been improved. Previously pets had to follow the character when the character moved, so the more the character moved, the slower the speed of picking up loot. As many adventurers have constantly provided their opinions on the topic, we have had a lot of discussions and tests to find a way to improve this situation, and we have been able to improve the way pets behave by looting items first. After this change it is expected that the chance of missing loot even when moving around a lot will be eased.

● The way pet’s pick up items has been improved.
– It has been improved so that pets will pick up loot first, even if the character moves.
– It has also been changed so that using Pet Skills such as hostility detection, rare monster detection etc do not affect the loot collection rate.

Content Changes

● Adjsuted the amount of Parley consumed per Barter to be reduced by 0.1% per Barter Level from Master 11 to Guru 50.

Reports of rare animal sightings from all over are reaching some seasoned hunters. Many hunters living in quiet seclusion in Behr have gathered to put together a Rare Hunting Guide. You might be able to get special information about these rare animals by becoming friendly with the hunters.

– Added [Knowledge – Ecology – Rare Hunting Guide] Category

– Added the following rare monsters for hunting.

Rare animals have been sighted in the Black Desert world. They are hard to find, but we hope that coming across these rare animals, filling out the Rare Hunting Guide one by one, and obtaining new titles along the way will add a new element of enjoyment for our Adventures.
We will continue to add new rare animals with their own unique characteristics—please stay tuned!

You can also get information on the rare animals from the villagers living in Behr, which may soon become a booming hunting village!

We also added [Bonus] quests to hunting; all you have to do is complete some rather straightforward quests to receive rewards unique to each region and short but powerful buffs.

Character Changes

The importance of accuracy has steadily moving towards the forefront of players minds, regardless of whether it’s in PvE or PvP. Accordingly, attack decision effects were added so that you can check the Accuracy of your character’s attacks. With this change, you’ll be able to set a clear goal for your gear or experience for yourself the Accuracy of your attacks when fighting against monsters that are much stronger than your character’s level.

● Added “Miss” to be displayed when your attacks miss so that you can more clearly recognize instance in which you miss attacks or successfully evade.
– You can activate the settings for this feature by going to the Show/Hide tab of the settings menu.

● Changed all characters Lv. 20 and below to be revived with full health restored.

● Improved the skills listed in the skill guide to now display based on attack skills.

● Changed the following skills, which were previously learned from between levels 2 to 6, to be learned at level 1.

– Sorceress: Signs of Agony

– Mystic: Scissor Kick

– Lahn: Moon Slash, Spring Breeze

– Archer: Earth Kick, Gaping Darkness, Flow: Volant Kick, Flow: Ascending Spirit, Winged Strike, Uproot, Low Sweep, Radiant Explosion

– Shai: Hop-Three

– Guardian: Fierce Disdain, Frenzy, Mutilation, Juggernaut, Juggernaut: Smite, Strike Down

– Hashashin: Piercing Tornado, Sand Divider, Shadow Splitter

– Nova: Bitter Reign, Chain Strike, Command: Rime Ice, Face the Darkness, Vengeful Star, Command: Blooming Icy Thorns, Punishing Trap

– Corsair: Whirling Slash, Whirlpool, Storm Surge, Tidal Slash, Overflow

– Sage: Void Gateways


● Slash – Changed the required levels to learn each rank. Adjusted I to V damage accordingly.

● Slash – Changed to now combo itself from attack 2.

● Changed the main weapon skills displayed in the skill guide.


For novice Adventurers to enjoy leveling in beginner zones, we’ve adjusted Berserker’s pre-Awakening skill damage accordingly.

● The following skill acquisition levels have changed.


● Flow: Bypassing Wind – Fixed the issue where the hit effect of the skill appeared to overlap in the demo video.

● Prime: Tearing Arrow – Changed to fire the remaining arrows when stamina runs out while charging.

● Black Spirit: Elven Rage – Fixed the issue where the skill activated while it was toggled.


● Changed the following to Tiger Blade:

– Changed the area of Attack 1 to match the area hit with the blade.

– Fixed the issue where Prime: Gale skill damage was not applied.


● Blooming – Added to the Skill Guide.

● Black Spirit: Maehwa: Decapitation – Fixed the awkward text about the number of hits.


● Ninjutsu: Shadow Stomp – Added to the Skill Guide.


● Black Spirit: Flash Slash – Fixed the issue where the rage absorption effect was not being applied when used after Smokescreen.

● Main weapon Back-block – Fixed the issue where getting hit while changing weapons would cause her to change weapons instantaneously.

Witch, Wizard

For novice Adventurers to enjoy leveling in beginner zones, we’ve adjusted Witch’s and Wizard’s pre-Awakening skill damage accordingly.


● Lightning – Fixed the awkward skill motion.


● Wave Orb – Fixed the issue where the CC effect did not match the skill description.

● Tidal Burst, Rapid Stream – Fixed the issue where the increased Critical Hit Rate was not being applied.


● Crimson Fang – Fixed the incorrect commands displayed on the Skill Guide.

Dark Knight

● Cluster of Despair – Improved on the issue where the damage was not applied when used at different height from the target.


● Flow: Low Blow – Fixed the issue where the Down Smash on the skill was not being applied.

● Improved the following for the GM’s Blessing items:
– All the GM’s Blessing items were improved to have a 1 hour cooldown.
– The issue where the buffs wouldn’t reset when using the GM’s Blessing items with lesser buffs was fixed.

Background, NPC and Audio Changes

● Improved the appearances of the following NPCs that you encounter during the Balenos main questline:
– Igor Bartali, Edan, Jarette Domongatt, Emma Bartali, and Eileen

Quest and Knowledge Changes

● The daily quests from Daphne DelLuci have had their names changed.
– [Daily] How to Scare Boars I, II, III [Daily] How to Scare Boars I, II, III : Sharp Black Crystal Shards
– [Daily] How to Scare Bears I, II, III’ [Daily] How to Scare Bears I, II, III : Hard Black Crystal Shards


● Improved so that you can auto-skip quest dialogues.
– To use this function, press /X when talking to NPC’s during quests.

● Improved to not reset your scroll on the page you were previously on when you re-open the Skill (K) window within 30 seconds of closing it.

● Added the option to auto-reject Yarr Invites
– Settings >Other > Auto Reject Yarr Invites

● Added a feature that automatically aligns items on the Central Market Warehouse.
– You can not only use the Auto Arrange function but also sort by Item Grade, Enhancement Level, Weight (LT), Capacity (VT), and Gear Slot in Descending and Ascending orders.


● Added a phrase to the ‘[Event] Kuku’ pet stating that only one can be taken out at a time.
● Reworked the background music playback system to play music according to the individual styles of the five major regions in the continent.
– The playback system will now play several tracks in succession, instead of repeating The same track over and over again for The same region.
– Combat music will now fade while fighting normal monsters; in areas with constant combat, music that best suits the specific region will play.
※ We plan to add horse riding music in a future update.

Other Changes

● Fixed the issue where you couldn’t check the node tax info from the Node Managers at Pujiya Canyon and Bashim Base.
● Fixed an issue where in certain situations, the Central Market notification would display incorrectly.
● Fixed the issue where the courser icon would be displayed on the mount information of the horse that did not satisfy the requirements to be a courser.
● Fixed the issue on the bridge at Lake Flondor that made wagons get stuck and unable to move.
● Fixed an issue where you could get stuck in a wall when reconnecting in a certain location.
● Fixed an issue where movement could be hindered by terrain during combat with the world boss Karanda.
● Fixed the issue where characters’ movements appeared abnormal in certain parts of the Serene Spring.
● Fixed an issue where the icon for Specters Energy did not appear in the Crafting Notes.
● Fixed an issue where the ‘Find NPC’ function would direct to Liana and Ludwig NPC’s when looking for General Goods Vendors.
● The character movement function has been disabled in Red Battleifeld, Atoraxxion and Battle Arena.
● Fixed an issue where energy would fail to recover in certain situations.
● Fixed an issue where abnormal movements were shown when selecting a color from the underwear dying menu.
● Fixed an issue where the group order of pets was not applied correctly in certain situations.
● Fixed the issue where you couldn’t remove Atoraxxion exclusive items when clearing Vahmalkea while having the expired Vahmalkea matchlock in your possession.
● Fixed the issue where characters with karma below 0 wouldn’t be attacked when mounting a wagon.

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