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Bloober Team Reveals Layers Of Fears, Built Entirely On Unreal Engine 5

Bloober Team has revealed its latest upcoming project, Layers Of Fears, built entirely on Unreal Engine 5, coming early 2023.

It’ll also be coming to PS5 and other current generation platforms, but it looks like there will be no PS4 version.

The new trailer shows off a little of the terrifying gameplay that players can expect, in another psychological horror game from Bloober.

You can check out the trailer for Layers Of Fears for yourself, here:

There are many who would have thought the next game announced from Bloober Team would be something in the Silent Hill vein, though that’s clearly not the case.

The Layers Of Fear franchise originally put Bloober Team on the map, and while the studio’s releases since have had mixed reviews from players, perhaps returning to the franchise is just what the team needed.

Hopefully news of a release date isn’t too far off, even with a 2023 release.

Source – [YouTube]