Bloodborne story, lore, and ending: 90-page analysis with facts, evidence, and theories

Part of what makes From Software’s Bloodborne so special, like the Souls games before it, is its ultra-mysterious plot and setting. Even having completed the game, players would be hard-pressed to comprehend the many connections, meanings, and narrative details without a closer examination of the game’s many clues.

One enterprising Redditor, dmcredgrave, has done just that. Across a series of Reddit threads dating back over the last few weeks, dmcredgrave has explored a variety of lore and story concepts in exhaustive detail. Yesterday, all that hard work culminated in a defining work: “The Paleblood Hunt,” a 90-page volume explaining every character, connection, and detail of Yharnam’s cryptic world with staggering enthusiasm.

Of course, some of what dmcredgrave has to share isn’t confirmed fact. There are simply some secrets of Yharnam that players will never know or have an answer, calling on theories to fill in the blanks. But where dmcredgrave separates fact from speculation is clearly marked, and even theories that seem outlandish are documented in excruciating detail by the in-game evidence that speaks to them.

In short, “The Paleblood Hunt” is epic, and an absolutely essential read for any Bloodborne player with an interest in learning what it was really all about. It’s also useful as a compendium for where player knowledge has come in the month since release, as these conversations can be notoriously hard to track.

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