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Bluepoint Games Working On Original Content, But That Doesn’t Necessarily Mean A New IP

Bluepoint Games has officially confirmed it’s working on original content for its next project, which has lead to speculation that the studio is developing a new IP.

However, this may not actually be the case. Original content could mean anything; it doesn’t mean it’s working on a new IP, but rather, something new for an existing property.

Bluepoint Games didn’t actually specify anything during interviews following news that it had been acquired by Sony, carefully only using the words ‘original’ to describe its next project. With that in mind, there’s every chance it could be taking the reins on one of Sony’s major IPs.

Of course, if you’re to believe the latest internet murmurs, the studio also has a second title in the works, which is a remake of a ‘beloved game.’ That’s totally unconfirmed at this point, obviously.

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Regardless of what the studio is working on, it’s great that Bluepoint Games is now officially under the PlayStation Studios umbrella.