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Bungie Brings In Former WB Discovery Executive To Help Expand Destiny Into Films And TV

Destiny is a massive franchise at this point, which an incredible amount of potential for how it evolves the world and its story within the games, but there’s also just as much opportunity to bring those stories into new light on screens big and small.

Which is why Destiny creators Bungie have just hired a former executive from WB Discovery to help lead that expansion charge, of bringing the world of Destiny with characters and stories both old and new into films and tv.

Gabriel VanHuss has been named “Head of Linear Media for the Destiny IP,” a new position within Bungie, and he’ll be working towards adapting the franchise into shows and films, but also into comics, books, and other mediums where Bungie sees opportunity.

VanHuss announced the news on his personal LinkedIn profile, speaking a bit about the role, saying that he’ll “work with the Destiny Universe Leadership team to create strategy and execute the operations for expansion of Destiny into new media, including TV, films, books, comics, and audio formats.”

“Destiny has a universe worth of stories waiting to be told, and I look forward to connecting best-in-class partners to our amazing creative team to bring them to life for current and new fans. Eyes up, guardians!”

After years of trickling video game adaptations, most of which ended up going nowhere, we’re starting to see more and more investment into executing these adaptations in a new, genuine manner that is actually quite exciting.

Not everything will land for everyone of course, but shows like HBO’s The Last Of Us bring new excitement to the potential of other adaptations across the industry, and a hope that we’ll be able to see our favourite games grow in new ways.

It’ll be interesting to see if Bungie works with PlayStation Productions on any film or tv projects going forward.

Source – [LinkedIn via TheGamePost]