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Bungie Will Reportedly Lose Independence At Sony If Destiny 2 Fails To Meet Revenue Goals, Morale Said To Be Low Amidst New Layoff Fears

Bungie is at risk of losing its independence under Sony should Destiny 2 fails to hit revenue targets going forward, with the PlayStation console maker apparently threatening to take full control of the former Halo studio, which boasts around 1,100 people.

As reported by IGN, Bungie’s board of directors include Hermen Hulst, Eric Lempel, Jason Jones, Luis Villegas, and Pete Parsons. However, this is based around the Destiny 2 studio hitting its financial targets, and if they fail to do so, then Sony is poised to take over full control.

Destiny 2’s player count reached an all-time low recently, and IGN claim that Parsons was responsible for making the call on Bungie’s recent layoffs in October, as well as introducing other cost-cutting measures. Morale is also said to be pretty low at Bungie lately, but senior management have reportedly showed a “surprising amount of indifference or even outright flippancy or hostility” regarding the situation.

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Unfortunately, a source close to IGN reveals that Bungie is likely to experience more layoffs if Destiny 2: The Final Shape doesn’t meet its performance targets. The expansion is now due for release in June 2024, having originally been scheduled to drop in February.

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