Canceled Call of Duty: Roman Wars footage surfaces

GamesRadar has unearthed footage of a shelved Call of Duty project set in Ancient Rome.

Call of Duty: Roman Wars was in development at Vicarious Visions a few years back, and would have featured first-person sword combat. However, fears of over-saturating the multi-million selling franchise ultimately lead to the game being canceled.

Still, it impressed Activision enough to see a prototype get off the grounds, and the game was also shown off to the publishing giant’s CEO, Bobby Kotick. The game was even pitched to Ubisoft at one point.

The GamesRadar report adds that the game shared similarities with Condemned: Criminal Origins in terms of its first-person gameplay, while the third-party aspects would align more with Gears of War in terms of style.

In terms of characters, players would step into the sandals of everyone from a bog-standard grunt to Julius Caesar himself.

Check out footage of the game below.