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Chrono Cross Remake Rumors Gather Pace As Composer Set To Showcase A New Project Soon

Chatter about a Chrono Cross remake has gathered steam again this week after Yasunori Mitsuda, the composer behind the original game, has revealed plans to showcase a new project that he’s involved with next month.

While Mitsuda-san didn’t go into any further details on what this project is, there’s as good chance it could be the Chrono Cross remake. Or rather, we hope it’s the remake.

Thank you so much for your birthday messages. I’m sorry I couldn’t reply to each person. This thank you will be returned to you in the work At the earliest (if you are lucky), we will announce the first one next month, so please look forward to it!!

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Rumors about a Chrono Cross remake emerged last year after Irish musician Eabha McMahon mentioned a PlayStation-exclusive project she had recorded music for, and this was later claimed by Nick Baker to be a remake of the seminal PlayStation RPG.

[Source – VGC]