Cliff Bleszinski praises Sony for ‘really embracing’ indie movement, calls out Microsoft ‘nightmare’

The name Cliffy B doesn’t exactly conjure reverent images for PlayStation diehards. After all, the guy is responsible for creating one of Microsoft’s biggest franchises–Gears of War–and was an influential figurehead at Epic Games, a studio whose Unreal Engine 3 was notoriously lackluster during PS3’s early years.

But now that Cliff Bleszinski has left Epic Games in pursuit of other career avenues, he’s free to speak candidly about the industry he’s grown alongside for 20 years. In an interview with Engadget, he had some choice words to share about Microsoft’s treatment of indie developers and how Sony is doing it better. "I have a very good relationship with Microsoft, but [there are] a lot of TCRs you’d have to go through," he explained. ". . . all the stuff you’d have to go through to get your game on Xbox Live Arcade, or even issue updates on; it was a nightmare."

Meanwhile, "it feels like Sony’s embraced a lot of that vibe thus far, as far as indie games go and whatnot." He continued: "I feel like Sony’s really embraced that vibe, and [the] homebrewed and homegrown movement that’s really taken over, and what a cool thing that somebody in his garage made as a mod that is going to go viral tomorrow."

Sounds like Cliff and Shahid Ahmad would have a lot in common.

Via Destructoid

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