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Crash Bandicoot 4 Developer Toys 4 Bob Is Potentially Shutting Down As A Result Of Microsoft’s Layoffs

UPDATE 08/02/24: According to a report from Jez Corden at Windows Central, Toys 4 Bob is not closing down as a studio. The closure reported by SF Chronicle then seems to only apply to the office buildings in Novato.

Original Story:

Toys 4 Bob, the studio that Crash Bandicoot fans have to thank for the excellent N. Sane Trilogy remasters and a fourth Crash game, is potentially being shut down.

A report from the San Francisco Chronicle covering the continued effects of Microsoft laying off 1,900 people says that another 162 out of that 1,900 are out of a job today, and that the Toys 4 Bob offices in Novato are being shut down.

There’s been no official confirmation from Toys 4 Bob or Activision Blizzard, or Microsoft to confirm the studio’s closure, but if this is the case then it’s an extremely sad day for the developers themselves, their fans, and the games industry overall.

Toys 4 Bob is the studio responsible for more than the Crash remasters and adding a new game to the franchise. It’s also the same team behind the excellent Spyro Remasters, and the once-gigantic Skylanders.

According to additional reporting from Stephen Totilo, out of the 162, 86 of those are from Toys 4 Bob and 76 are from Sledgehammer Games.

Even if the studio isn’t closing, that’s still a huge blow to the team. You also can’t say it’s the same Toys 4 Bob that players have known, because it’s people that make up these studios.

Without them the names of these places don’t hold the weight they’d otherwise deserve.

Hopefully all those impacted by layoffs are able to land on their feet.

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