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Crash Bandicoot PS4: Two playable characters in trilogy and CTR reveal expected

crash bandicoot ps4 trilogy

A list of Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy PS4 Trophies have appeared online, and when you scan through them there’s some clues as to some upcoming announcements that we might hear from Sony during its E3 2017 conference on Monday.

There’s already rumors that a new Crash Bandicoot game will be announced at E3 2017, and Sony appears to have named some the Trophies in its PS4 trilogy after quotes in Crash Team Racing (CTR) TV adverts, including:

  • Buckle Up, Boys, Buckle Up!
  • Is There a Problem, Granny?!
  • Boo-yah, Grandma! Boo-yah!

Whether that means we’re about to see a Crash Team Racing reveal remains to be seen, but it’s all starting to add up.

Furthermore, there’s a suggestion that Coco Bandicoot, the younger sister of Crash who was partially playable in Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped in vehicle levels, could be a fully-playable character throughout the trilogy. She’s referenced as beating enemies in the game within the Trophy list. For example, in the No Holds Barred Trophy, players are tasked with "defeating 5 enemies with Coco’s spin".

Of course, nothing has been officially confirmed yet, but at this rate there won’t be many E3 surprises left.

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