Criterion nails pricing for Cops and Robbers DLC

It’s evident that Criterion created a large fan following for Burnout Paradise when it started pumping out free downloadable content in order to expand Paradise’s world and replayability. Once the free ship had sailed and it was time for the premium content to come in for a landing, however, gamers got skeptical due to high prices for minimal content. With the development team preparing to release its next add-on pack, Cops and Robbers, this Thursday, gamers were hoping for something affordable and cost-effective that would cause them to pull out their wallets and continue to support Criterion.

Thankfully, the Cops and Robbers DLC seems to do just that. The content — which has been priced at $9.99 / €9.99 / £7.99 — gives gamers not only the addition of a capture the flag inspired online game mode, but also 33 new international police vehicles from around the world. This substantial amount of content for a mere $10 seems to be quite the steal for any gamer and we expect it to rise up the sales charts come Thursday.