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Darksiders Genesis PS4 Trophies Revealed


The cabinet of Darksiders Genesis PS4 trophies has been revealed ahead of the game’s release.

Overall, it doesn’t look too grindy. However, the game does require you to complete all 17 levels of the game on hard and apocalyptic difficulties. Other than story trophies, the majority of them seem to be miscellaneous.

You can take a look at the full list of Darksiders Genesis PS4 Trophies below from PSN Profiles.

Not Alone
Earn all trophies.
Defeat Mammon, Lord of Hell.
Defeat Belial, Lord of Hell.
Defeat Astarte, Fallen Angel.
Defeat Dagon, Lord of Hell.
Defeat Moloch, Lord of Hell.
Are You Not Entertained?
Achieve a score of 70,000 or higher in the arena.
Full of Hell
Complete all 17 levels on Hard difficulty.
The Promised End
Complete all 17 levels on Apocalyptic difficulty.
Master of Strife
Learn all 3 of Strife’s Wrath abilities.
Master of War
Learn all 3 of War’s Wrath abilities.
A Bullet for All Seasons
Find all 5 of Strife’s elemental ammo types.
Walking Armory
Find all 5 of War’s elemental enhancements.
Collect every type of creature core.
Mint I
Collect 50 Boatman Coins.
Mint II
Collect 200 Boatman Coins.
Mint III
Collect all Boatman Coins.
Soul Cache
Destroy all 4 Soul Caches in The Slag Pit.
Hell’s Forge
Gather all the ingots in the Inferno Vault and take them to Hell’s Forge.
Close the Rift
Close the rift leaking void creatures in Icebind Cavern.
Respect For Animals
Defeat less than 5 hounds before killing the Houndmaster in The Horde.
The Dead Court
Defeat the Dread Lord’s subjects in Decay.
Why’d It Have to Be Snakes?
Defeat every snake in Decay.
Good Deeds
Save the uncorrupted angels in Eden Prime.
Defeat the grub queen in The Maelstrom.
Ready to Blow
Destroy all 12 of Moloch’s supply caches in War Machine.
Demolition Derby
Destroy 10 structures in War Machine.
Defeat Moloch without taking damage.
Garden of Forking Paths
Collect every Boatman Coin in the Boatman’s Labyrinth.
Unlock every Trickster Door.
Wicked Killington
Face the Trickster himself, Wicked Killington.

Darksiders Genesis and the full PS4 trophy list will be available on PS4 from February 14, 2020.