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Dauntless 0.9.3 PS4 Update Now Available

Dauntless 0.9.3 PS4 Update

Developer Phoenix Labs has just released the Dauntless 0.9.3 PS4 Update patch. The update, which fixes a bucketload of issues and brings a small mountain of quality of life improvements can be seen, in its entirety, via the Dauntless 0.9.3 PS4 patch notes below.

Dauntless 0.9.3 PS4 Update Patch Notes

General Description

Saved loadouts have been one of the most-requested Dauntless features since launch, and the team is proud to offer them to Slayers everywhere starting today. Each Slayer will have access to one saved loadout from the start, where they can set their weapon (as well as mods and specials), armour, cells, dyes, transmogs and consumables into a saved loadout slot. Slayers can unlock an additional five saved loadouts through progression and the Mastery System. On top of that, Slayers can purchase an additional nine loadout slots in packs of three. More information on saved loadouts can be found on the Dauntless blog here.

Patch 0.9.3 also introduces a number of visual improvements to the UI and HUD, making the on-screen information during intense Behemoth hunts easier to understand and use to Slayers’ advantage. Weapon and armour crafting has been overhauled to streamline the process, and include more visual information. Selecting a weapon or armour piece in a crafting menu will show Slayers (1) that item’s strengths and weaknesses vs. all aether types, (2) detailed cell slot information, (3) how to acquire any missing crafting materials, and (4) how that item compares to what you currently have equipped.

Speaking of weapons, Slayers can also now unlock the Twin Suns exotic repeaters in the Dauntless store! The Twin Suns come equipped with explosive mag bombs that stick to their target and can be detonated on command.


  • Ramsgate re-org. Reorganized Ramsgate to improve the city flow. Most notably, Janek Zai has moved closer to Wils, Moyra, and Arkan. All your gear needs. One gear place.
  • Improved crafting UI. Made a number of improvements to the crafting UI, including at-a-glance views of cell types and item levels. Take a closer look in the 0.9.3 blog.
  • The Lucky Break display improvements. Added more information to the store interface. Slayers will now see additional details when previewing an item for purchase (e.g. type of item, associated weapon).
  • More cells, more mods! Added a new sword mod, chain blades mod, and two new cells to the Lucky Break. Check them out when you’ve next got marks to spend!
  • Broadside Lantern. Call in a blast from a corsair cannon with the new Broadside Lantern, available from the Lucky Break.
  • New exotic! The Twin Suns repeaters are the latest exotic weapon to join the Dauntless arsenal. Pile up to 12 mag bombs onto a target, then hit the trigger to unleash a mass explosion. Pick up the Twin Suns at the Lucky Break in exchange for 1,000 Steel Marks. We’ll be adding a Mastery card for them in the future!
  • Saved loadouts. Saved loadout slots are finally here! Save and swap out up to 15 loadouts with this new system, accessible from the Loadout screen. Our loadouts blog has all the details.
  • Stacking cells. Cells of the same type will now stack in the cell list! This should cut down on scrolling and make it easier to see just how many Aetherborne cells you’ve managed to accrue. (Cells that are currently infused in an item won’t show up on the list.)
  • Transmog stones. We’ve changed the way that transmog stones work! Instead of spending a stone every time you want to use a crafted appearance, you can now unlock that look forever by spending one stone, one time.
  • Tavern time! The invisible velvet rope has been cut! Slayers can now step into Ramsgate’s tavern to relax and unwind after an especially challenging hunt.

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  • Increased the drop rate on all exotic materials (e.g. clawgems, furytails) to 100% if the break criteria is met.
  • Fixed a bug where getting “within 2 minutes” breaks would not always allow Slayers the full time from combat start.
  • Fixed a bug where critical hit VFX wouldn’t show up correctly on creatures or objects.
  • Fixed a bug where damage text would not animate correctly on certain objects.
  • Fixed a bug where damage text could show up more than once on a swing.
  • Fixed a bug where, in some cases, damage text would not show the correct damage numbers.
  • Fixed a bug where Embermane could stop responding if a Slayer stood in certain areas of the Trials arena. Nap time is over.
  • Reduced Embermane’s hitbox so that it better matches its physical model.
  • Fixed a bug where Slayers could get into a temporary bad state when using the Koshai lantern ability during a trajectory warp (e.g. riding an aether jet).
  • The hair on the Frostfall Bells helm transmog will no longer clip through the player’s cheek.
  • Fixed a bug where there was an errant “?” on some patrol screens.
  • Players should no longer hear endless “encased” sounds when they are downed while inside a Valomyr’s prismatic shield.
  • Fixed a bug where Fortress’ shield cooldown did not reset when the user took damage.
  • If a player with Fortress (perk) takes damage that does not break Fortress’ shield, then avoids further damage for at least 10 seconds after, their shield will regenerate to full strength.
  • Fixed a bug where Skarn’s repositioning pivot might not work. I just don’t understand what I’m doing wrong.
  • Fixed a bug where some account names were not displayed on the in-city Wall of Champions.
  • When visiting the Middleman, Slayers can now interact with cells for sale and complete a cell purchase without having to wait for their cook slots to load.
  • Fortress and Predator and other buffs that have visible passive VFX no longer play during the arrival cutscene.
  • Fixed a bug where you could get stuck in certain states or otherwise accidentally activate “hold” abilities despite not holding the button down (e.g. chain blades’ Blade Spin, war pike’s Piercing Flurry).
  • Fixed a bug where Patrol quests were not showing up on the map screen, leading some players to think that they were stuck in progression.
  • Players can now use Valomyr’s radiant shield pickup to cut a path through the galaxy spiral projectiles. This fix also improves the teleport to reduce bad-feeling hits. As part of this change, when Valomyr is staggered, it will now clear any active galaxy projectiles or drones.
  • Improved performance both in Ramsgate and on islands. This is ongoing work and may result in some bugs! Let us know if you run into anything.
  • Fixed a bug where the chat window could get stuck in a closed state after viewing the End of Hunt screen.
  • Polished Shrowd’s umbral VFX. Spookiness increased by 66%.
  • Fixed a bug that caused certain weapons to show up in emotes.
  • Fixed a bug where some NPCs in Ramsgate had their armour clipping into their skin.
  • Fixed a bug where weapons could float off the Slayer’s body when viewed in the Loadout menu.
  • Fixed a bug where critical hit VFX indicators might persist.

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  • Slayers are unable to reach Behemoth Mastery Rank 50.
  • Previewing repeaters in certain screens (e.g. Hunt Pass, store) will not display their active parts. Only default parts will be visible.
  • Players may see the friend/party invite alert (“!”) even if they don’t have a pending invite.
  • Players may notice the revive message flicker when all players are downed.

Source: Official Dauntless Blog