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DayZ PS4 News -1.04 Console Update Due Soon

DayZ PS4 News Console Update

According to the official DayZ Twitter account, the DayZ PS4 1.04 patch will be put into submission at Sony tomorrow with a view to having it released on Sony’s home console at some point by the end of July.

We’d expect to see some official PS4 1.04 patch notes soon, so stay tuned for the details of that patch and the improvements it’ll bring.

For its part, DayZ is quite the rough-looking offering on PS4, but despite that we found much to enjoy in its intense survival sandbox all the same.

Do we have any DayZ players here that are looking forward to the patch? Sound off below!

Source: Official DayZ Twitter

  • doug

    I hope it comes before August. The silence between when they said that and now is a little frightening. No “we did it” on their part