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Demon’s Souls PS5 Has Been Completed Without The Player Taking A Single Hit

You know you’re pretty damn good at Demon’s Souls when you’ve got through the entire game – which, in case you didn’t know, is notoriously brutal – without taking a single hit. Well, that’s exactly what a streamer The_Happy_Hob managed to achieve recently for his thousands of viewers. We take our hats off!

Demon’s Souls Beaten By Streamer Without Taking A Hit

Hob didn’t do this by luck, either. He spent countless hours on stream preparing for the no-hit run, mastering various strategies and tactics to make it through without a scrape. Even then, this is Demon’s Souls, so it was never going to be easy no matter how much prep you put into it.

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The streamer also has plenty of experience with this sort thing, having cleared the original PS3 version of Demon’s Souls without taking a hit.

While completing Demon’s Souls without getting hit is a massive accomplishment in itself, Hob is not stopping there. He’s looking to complete another five no-hit runs before the end of the year, having previously made a bet to do a total of 12 different runs this year. Now that’s dedication!

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