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Demon’s Souls Remaster Speculation is Just That

Everyone wants to know what classic game Bluepoint is remaking next. We even listed the potential options for the developer in the wake of its successful Shadow of the Colossus remake earlier this year. That included a Demon’s Souls remaster.

The information from job listings on its website reveals some scant details regarding the kind of thing it’s making. This lead to mild (and mislead) hysteria that it pointed to a Demon’s Souls remaster, but if anything, the information that is there points to almost anything else in the action/adventure space.

So what do we know? And why does this show a Demon’s Souls remaster is probably further down the potential options than ever?

Our team is passionately remaking a classic for current- and next-gen game systems. Want to be part of making something special?

So the newsworthy part here is the project is a little ways off as it targets both the current gen such as PS4 and the next-gen systems too. It also suggests we’re not getting a PlayStation exclusive remake this time. So that straight away rules out Demon’s Souls.

demon's souls remaster
Even if Bluepoint is not working on a Demon’s Souls Remaster, we sure hope somebody is.

In the listing for a Senior Animator, it reads

Generate realistic facial and lip sync animations for in-game motions and real-time cinematic scenes

A demo reel reflecting high-quality animations for both humans and creatures

None of this sounds particularly like a Demon’s Souls remaster either, but not quite out of the realm of possibility either as it is targeting a ‘realistic’ look (that rules out the likes of Jak & Daxter or any similar cartoony title). The inclusion of humans and creatures is interesting, but what kind of creatures are required is not noted, so again, it could be literally any game with animals, beasts, monsters, or aliens in it.

The job listing for Senior 3D Environment Artist features this tidbit.

Assemble assets into Photo Mode worthy scenes

This is perhaps the biggest indicator that this is not a Demon’s Souls remaster. The Souls series is notorious for not allowing you to pause the game, so a Photo Mode would be unlikely.

Metal Gear Solid still seems like one of the more promising candidates as it is in a sweet spot for a remake. It could even be a Mass Effect remake, another series that could do with a fan-pleasing shot in the arm via a semi-reboot of the franchise.

The main takeaway though is that unless there’s a radical and jarring change to the core of Demon’s Souls, this is more than likely not going to be a Demon’s Souls remaster.

Hopefully, somebody is working on that anyway though. It really does deserve a second shot.