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Design Renders Of Potential PS5 SSD Cartridges Unveiled

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After the revelation at the weekend that a brand new cartridge like device had been patented by SIE (Sony Interactive Entertainment) for potential use in company’s forthcoming next-generation console, the PS5, original leaker LetsGoDigital has whipped up some mock up images to illustrate roughly what these cartridges might look like in the real world.

LetsGoDigitial Releases PS5 SSD Cartridge Renders

The renders, which you can see below, paint something of a conservative picture for Sony’s cartridges. Looking very much like a slimmer version of old school cartridges, it makes sense that Sony would (potentially) embrace SSD cartridges as storage for the PS5 – not least because, as we previously mentioned, standard SSD and motor-based hard drives just aren’t going to cut it.

SSD PS5 Storage
If anything, these designs look quite conservative and, as such, highly plausible

Another thing that’s worth remembering is that these designs look very close to the drawings in the original patent. Simply, all LetsGoDigital have done here is added texture and reimagined the look of the cartridge with additional texture and, of course, that trademark Sony PlayStation branding.

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For those who might doubt how close these cartridge renders might eventually end up being, it’s worth making a note of the fact that when LetsGoDigital produced the now infamous renders for the PS5 development kits, many folk decried them as being too outlandish or weird – only to be confirmed as true just a week or so after publication.

Quite honestly, to our eyes, these renders look perfectly plausible and as far as extending storage in this way on PS5, when it launches in Holiday 2020, that too seems perfectly realistic to us. What do you think though? Would you be happy adding additional storage to your PS5 in this way, and, more importantly how much would you be prepared to pay? Let us know in the comments below!

PS5 SSD Storage
How much would you pay for extended storage on PS5?

Source: LetsGoDigital