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New Source Confirms Earlier PS5 Dev Kit Design, New Codename Provided


A new source at respected tech website Gizmodo has come forward to corroborate the PS5 dev kit design leak from earlier in the summer, and has now provided a codename for the machine: Prospero. In case you missed it, the dev kit appeared on LetsGoDigital and features a distinct ‘V’ shape design to it, and was later confirmed as the real deal by a Codemasters employee.

PS5 Dev Kit Reconfirmed & Codename Revealed

According to the article, developers have been in possession of PS5 dev kits since 2018, although the latest one (the V-shaped machine mentioned above) has only been available since this summer. Sony also seems to be continuing its trend of codenames with this too, with Prospero following on from Morpheus (PSVR) and Neo (PS4 Pro).

Here’s what Gizmodo had to say on the device:

According to our tipster, earlier PS5 prototypes have been in the hands of developers since 2018, but Prospero, the current dev console, was first delivered to developers early this summer.” “We typically wouldn’t run a story with a source who won’t confirm their identity. But, again, this one had something other tipsters do not: a photograph of a device. And not just any photo.

Their photo looks just like official Sony illustrations pulled from a registry on a government website. The illustrations are rumored to be mockups of a pre-production PS5, and they circulated widely after their discovery in August. Our tipster sent us the photo in June. (In the interest of protecting our tipster, we won’t post the photos here.)” – mention the protection of sources here “The console shares its name with the central character of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

In the play, Prospero is a moody wizard supported by characters like the magic spirit Ariel, and the kind nobleman Gonzalo. That’s curious because Ariel and Gonzalo aren’t just characters in The Tempest: They’re also the codenames for unreleased AMD products that were discovered by geeks and are thought to be guts for next-gen consoles.

Sony is rumoured to be launching its next-generation console in holiday 2020, and has confirmed a number of features that the console will support, including backwards compatibility with PS4 games and an SSD for reduced load times.

The console maker will reportedly unveil the PS5 during an event in New York City next February.

Source: Gizmodo