Destiny 2 beta: How to replay the Homecoming mission as much as you like


The Destiny 2 beta is currently available to PlayStation 4 users who gained early access via pre-orders, and by now many of you have probably sampled the game’s single-player mission, titled Homecoming.

Once completed, you’re give access to a number of other gameplay options, such as taking part in two Crucible matches or one of the game’s brand new Strikes, the Inverted Spire. However, like us, many of you were eager to have another crack at Homecoming, only to discover there wasn’t an option to replay the mission from the main menu.

Fortunately, it is possible to replay Homecoming. Players get two character slots for the Destiny 2 beta, so once you’ve beaten the mission once, you can go back out and into the character menu and create a second character in a second class, allowing you to replay the mission. Once that’s done, you can still replay the mission, but you’ll have to delete one of your Guardians to repeat it. 


Homecoming is the first mission in Destiny 2 and sees the Tower come under attack from a Cabal unit known as The Red Legion. Players will get to grips with a number of new weapons in the mission, reunite with some classic characters from Destiny 1, and play through several recognisable locations from the Tower that Guardians would frequently visit in the original game. 

Destiny 2 is scheduled for release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 6, 2017, and arrives on PC in late October. Players won’t be able to transfer all their hard-earned gear and loot from the original game, although you will be able to keep any cosmetic tweaks you have applied to your character(s). 

Bungie confirmed that Destiny 2 will receive weekly resets every Tuesday similar to its predecessor, although the nature of these content updates will likely differ considerably.