Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris info: Vex Crossroads, Heroic Adventures, and more

Bungie has shared a wealth of info on the upcoming Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris expansion during a dedicated livestream overnight.

First up, the studio confirmed that the first batch of Destiny 2 DLC will introduce the largest Public Event in the series to date — Vex Crossroads. 

This sprawling event takes place across multiple locations on Mercury, and requires multiple players. So, if you’re going in solo you’ll have to be lumped into preformed fire teams to stand a chance of beating it. 

New areas will be unlocked as you progress through the Vex Crossroads event. The first phase of the event sees Guardians battling against a Gate-keeper boss, who then drops a key used to deactivate a Vex cannon to process to the next area. 

As the event is based on group play, it’s possible for your team to split and tackle objectives across the map by themselves, as opposed to sticking together ala regular Public Events. Vex Crossroads will have a Heroic variation and will cough up two loot-filled chests upon completion. 

Elsewhere, Bungie confirmed that the new Lighthouse social hub has been given an overhaul since its previous incarnation in Destiny 1. 

Brother Vance will be on hand to dish out new Adventures, which allow you to explore various parts of Mercury. Furthermore, the Lighthouse also includes puzzle-like mysteries for Guardians to solve, giving you plenty to do while you mill around the hub. 

Speaking of Adventures, it’s now possible to take part in Heroic variations of these story-driven missions, and modifiers will be present to keep things fresh everytime you play them. Vance will also hand out new missions known as Lost Prophecies, with 11 in total to plough through. 

Story Strikes will be introduced too, giving more depth to the campaign by drip-feeding payers additional lore.

Finally, there’s the Infinite Forest. This takes the form of a sprawling Vex simulation found in the core of Mercury, used to explore the infinite possibilities through time in order to achieve goals. You’ll come across different scenarios spanning the past, present and future, with one Adventure depicting a scenario where the Vex have managed to obliterate the sun. 

Bungie was keen to note that the Infinite Forest is not procedurally generated, but “intelligently designed” — random, in other words. Enemies will be shaken up each session, so you may find yourself squaring off against the Fallen in one event, while battling the Hive in another. 

Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris is due for release on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on December 5.