Destiny 2 DLC Curse of Osiris will rase the level and power cap


Bungie has shared more details on the upcoming Curse of Osiris, the first expansion pack for Destiny 2.

Chiefly, the former Halo developer has confirmed that the much-anticipated Destiny 2 DLC will raise both the game’s level and power cap to 25 and 330, respectively.

It’s worth remembering however that it is possible to gain an additional five points on your level by the addition of Legendary Mods. So, with the right equipment, it should in theory be possible to attain power level 335 following the release of Curse of Osiris.

Presumably we will see an increase in the base power level for rare and legendary equipment, although Bungie hasn’t gone into any more detail on the new level cap.

Sony unveiled Curse of Osiris during its Paris Games Week Media Showcase on Monday, where it confirmed the DLC will be available on December 5.

The expansion will focus on the legendary Warlock Guardian, Osiris, and sees Guardians coming up against a new Vex threat. In addition to the new story, it also introduces a new Patrol zone on Mercury, fresh gear, and opens up the Lighthouse social hub.

The first year of Destiny 2 will be split into various seasons, with each one introducing a wealth of new content into the mix. The first event, The Dawning, will give the Tower a winter makeover among other goodies.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a PS4-exclusive Crucible map up for grabs.

Destiny 2 update 1.6 is going live later today following a period of scheduled maintenance this afternoon. In the meantime, check out the latest Destiny 2 weekly reset info to find out what’s new.

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