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Destiny 2 – How to Get Worldline Zero

Compared to some of our other guides, Worldline Zero is very brief. However, the quest itself might take you a bit of time. This is one of the most enjoyable quests in Destiny 2, as long as you like to collect. Let’s get into how to get the Mars-born sword.

Step 1

Shoot Some Emblems

This step will have you running around Mars for quite some time. All over the planet are emblems hidden in trees, on ledges, and everywhere in between. There are 35 of these emblems that need to be destroyed, and there is an added twist. Each emblem can be colored orange, blue, purple, and white.

Each color is associated with the element you need to use to destroy it:

  • Orange – Solar
  • Purple – Void
  • Blue – Arc
  • White – Primary

The best strategy for this step is to use either Borealis or Hard Light. Both of these Exotics are random drops inside of Destiny 2, and both allow you to change the element type of the weapon by holding Square.

Step 2

Terminus Core

Go to the Terminus Core Lost Sector and find the terminal to acquire this Exotic Sword. The terminal is about halfway through the Lost Sector.

As you can see, there is not much to this quest outside of tracking down all of the emblems. Below here is a list of some much harder Exotic Quests, but ones that will yield much greater weapons. Make sure you keep your eyes up to PSU for all things dealing with Destiny 2, Guardian.

How to Get: