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Destiny 2 – How to get Lumina

Lumina finally arrived in Destiny 2. Many of you are probably wondering how hard will the grind be. One word: difficult. Outside of quests like Outbreak Perfected or Whisper of the Worm, the majority of exotic quest may take time but are doable solo. Lumina is no such gun. You will need to run many of these steps with a Fireteam. So I hope you have friends that play.

Once a weapon of Sorrow, now one of Hope.

Step 1

Find Original Thorn

This is pretty straight forward. We have forged the Thorn three separate times in the life span of Destiny and Destiny 2. However, they have all been replicas. At least until now. Click out the link here to see where to start the Thorn quest.

After finding the letter from Shin at the location the Thorn Quest you will be directed to a Lost Sector in the northern half of the EDZ. Here you will go into Shaft-13 Lost Sector. Once you see the prompt for the location make a right into the open door and there will be a very ornate looking chest. Inside is the next step.

The next step in cleansing Thorn.

Step 2: Complete three legendary bounties and to restore Rose’s perks

Defeat multiple enemy combatants in a row without reloading.

Again, this step is pretty simple. Guns like Thunderlord, Hardlight, Coldheart, Prometheus Lens, and Wavesplitter all have high magazine counts. However, any gun you feel most comfortable with will do well also. I suggest starting an Escalation Protocol event to rip through the enormous amount of Thrall that spawn.

Generate Orbs of Light.

To complete this all you need to go is generate Orbs of Light and/or pick up Orbs of Light. Events like Escalation Protocol, The Menagerie, and Reconing are great for this. Make sure to equip weapons that are Masterworked and use support Supers as much as you can.

Complete a Nightfall with a score of 50,000 or better.

This honestly shouldn’t be too awful as long as your Power level is above 600. Use your Five of Swords that you can buy from Xûr. Then select modifiers that increase the difficulty and score multipliers. This should be all you and your Fireteam need.

Step 3

Complete activities with Rose equipped.

For those unfamiliar with the Lore, Rose was the gun that became Thorn. This gun was a symbol of hope. Before falling into darkness, it was known as Rose. Rezyl Azzir and his Rose reborn and renamed Dredgen Yor and Thorn.

Step 4

Defeat Guardians with Hand Cannons as a team, generate Orbs of Light, and defeat invaders in Gambit before they kill your teammates.

These requirements are challenging. This step will require a Fireteam that has everyone running Hand Cannons. I recommend any Hand Cannon you feel the most comfortable will that has a full Masterwork attached. This will allow you to generate orbs as you defeat Guardians.

Running Truth, Thunderlord, Jötun, or Sleeper Simulate would be best for taking out pesky invaders. If your teammates are okay with it, and the kills have to be performed by you, I suggest picking up as many Motes as possible. This will cause the invader to single you out. Finally, sit on your Super until someone invades and rush the invader. Doing this will hopefully allow you to complete this step quickly.

Step 5

Destroy Hive crystals in Will of the Thousands and defeat Xol with Rose equipped.

With the launch of Season of Opulence, players noticed strange crystals in the Will of the Thousands strike. It seems like we finally know what they are for.

At PSU we are periodically releasing Exotic “how to” weapon and now Catalyst guides. We already have guides for Truth, Malfeasance, Ace of Spades, The Last Word, Thorn, Outbreak Perfected, and how to get the Prospector Catalyst. We are dedicated to adding more and have a full list going into Shadowkeep and beyond. For everything, you need for Destiny keep your eyes up to PSU, Guardian.