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Destiny 2 – How to Get Prospector Catalyst

Catalysts in Destiny 2 ultimately enhance the exotic weapons attached to it. These catalysts can be found in a few different ways, and they vary based on the gun. With the Destiny 2 Prospector, you will need to do strikes, a lot of strikes. Well, unless you put all of your real life skill points into luck, that is.

Destiny 2 Prospector guide

Catalysts have a drop rate comparable to exotic weapons and guns. This means that you may have to run strikes all day or for a few hours before you get the item you covet. However, even though I can’t give you advice on increasing your chances outside of jumping into a Heroic Strike playlist, I can walk you through what you will need to do to upgrade the Catalyst once you get it to drop.

This town won’t be left for the two of us.

What the Catalyst does, and how to upgrade It

So unlike other Catalysts that require specific enemies, game modes, or specialty shots, the Prospector Catalyst will only require you to kill enemies with the Prospector in order to upgrade it. Like most Catalysts, thill will give kills a chance to drop Orbs of Light, as well and increase the Prospector’s blast radius. This, along with the buffs made to Grenade Launchers over the past few updates, elevates the Prospector to the level of a lot of other available Heavy Weapons.

We have been going through and giving guides to all Exotic Quests so far in Destiny 2. With all the great news coming from Bungie about Shadowkeep and Eververse, we are sure to get a resurgence of old and new players. So if there is any exotic weapons or Catalyst, guide you will like to see next leave us a comment below. In the meantime check out or other Exotic weapon guides. For all news and opinions Destiny related, keep your eyes up to PSU, Guardian.

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