Destiny 2 multiplayer details reveal a big shake-up for Bungie’s shooter


Destiny 2 multiplayer mode will make some significant changes to its competitive gaming offerings, Bungie announced during its livestream event overnight.

The developer confirmed that The Crucible will return from the original game, although it’ll now be limited to 4v4 matches, which is a big drop from the first Destiny 2. As such, it is unlikely that a number of the game modes from the original will return, or they’ll be revamped to accommodate the new player count. 

Bungie is also making changes to the HUD for multiplayer modes, with Guardians now able to see if an enemy has their super charged up or is in possession of heavy ammo. It also teased a new mode called Countdown, although didn’t confirm any further details at the time. 

Destiny 2 Game Director, Luke Smith, confirmed that the Crucible changes are a result of Bungie’s plans to rethink “the Crucible from first principles.” 

Destiny 2 is pencilled in for a September 8, 2017 on PS4, PC, and Xbox One. The game takes place following a devastating attack on the Tower by a Cabal unit known as The Red Legion, pushing the Guardians back to a defensive position. As such, humanity’s last hope have been stripped of their equipment, which means you won’t be able to transfer your loot over to the sequel.

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Source: GameSpot