Destiny The Taken King Calcified Fragment Locations

The following Destiny The Taken King guide will show the locations of all Calcified Fragments when partaking in Dreadnaught-based missions, or while scouting the Dreadnaught Patrol area.

There are many more Calcified Fragments to find other than those below, which require you to hold certain runes, take part in Strikes, or the King’s Fall Raid, as well as other methods. By following these Destiny tips, you’ll pick up 26 Calcified Fragments fairly easily.

Note – We’ve placed them in numerical order, rather than the order in which you might find them.

Where to find Calcified Fragments

1. Calcified Fragment 1 – Mausoleum
You can find this fragment while partaking in the Enemy of my Enemy mission, or via Patrol. Head to the Mausoleum area and head to the far end where you can see the bright vertical light. Stand on the platform on the far right and bring up your ghosts. You’ll now see platforms appear. Hop across the platforms to the ledge on the right. The fragment is tucked away in the corner to the right of the chest.


2. Calcified Fragment II – Mausoleum
In the Enemy of my Enemy mission head to the entrance to the Mausoleum, as if coming from Hull Breach, take a left to the far left of the area (due west) where you see two doors that lead to caves. Take the left-hand cave entrance and find the fragment hidden behind a pillar.


3. Calcified Fragment III – Mausoleum
In the Enemy of my Enemy mission, head to the entrance to the Mausoleum, as if coming from Hull Breach, head due west into the cave just to the right of where you found the last fragment. When in the cave, head left by crouching through the tunnel and look above you for a ledge to find the fragment.


4. Calcified Fragment IV – Mausoleum
After coming out the Mausoleum entrance in the Enemy of the Enemy mission, take a sharp left around the corner and move slightly up the hill. The Cabal’s ship is now on your left and the fragment is hidden underneath it.


5. Calcified Fragment V – Hull Breach
In the Dreadnought mission. From the Hull Breach spawn, take the route to the Mausoleum, but before you reach it check out the grates in the corridor on the left-hand side.


Fragments 6-10.


6. Calcified Fragment VI – Hull Breach
From the Hull Breach spawn in the Dreadnought mission, head toward the entrance where you go through to Mausoleum, but take the cave just to the right. Head through the tunnel past the Wormsinger Rune and take a sharp left through the next tunnel. Keep following the tunnel until it opens into a clearing. On the right-hand side there’s an object that can be scanned. The fragment is right next to it.


7. Calcified Fragment VII – Hull Breach
In the Dreadnought patrol near to where you spawn, you can take an immediate left and drop down to find a cave. Head into the cave and find the fragment tucked away behind the light source on the left-hand side.


8. Calcified Fragment VIII – Hull Breach
In Dreadnought patrol, just right next to where you spawn, look up to your right. There’s a set of platforms. They’re quite tricky to navigate but you need to head up to the very top platform. The fragment can be found right up there.


9. Calcified Fragment VIX – Hull Breach
In the Dreadnought patrol area. This one is tricky to spot, but look out for a triangular rock formation in the main spawn area, somewhere near the centre. It’s hidden right between in.


10. Calcified Fragment X – Hall of Souls
This can be found in the Dreadnought mission or patrol in the Hall of Souls. Follow the directions on the video. It’s far easier to show you rather than explain!


Fragments 11-20.


11. Calcified Fragment XI – Hall of Souls
Check out this ledge on Dreadnought Patrol or the Dreadnought mission. The only way to reach it is by using your Ghost to flag up the disappearing platforms. When you get there it’s hiding just behind the left pillar.


12. Calcified Fragment XII – Hall of Souls
Head into this cave in the Hall of Souls on Dreadnought and hop up the ledges to find the fragment tucked away in the dark.



13. Calcified Fragment XIII – Hall of Souls
Check out the two suspended platforms in the Dreadnought mission. There’s a fragment stuck to the side of one of them.


14. Calcified Fragment XIV – The Trenchway
After you’ve scanned the worm in the Dreadnought mission, head right and then take another right through the small gap. The fragment is down the end of the corridor on the broken pillars.


15. Calcified Fragment XV – The Trenchway
When you first get the opportunity to scan the worm in the Dreadnought mission, check your right-hand side. There’s a fragment lying between the fallen pillars.


16. Calcified Fragment XVI – Hull Breach
At the very start of the Dreadnought mission, check to your left. There’s some sort of red vines protruding out of the wall. Jump down and get the fragment.


17. Calcified Fragment XVII – Dreadnought mission
In the first indoor area that you enter in the Dreadnought mission, continue right down to the very end and don’t go through the door on the right where the mission requires you to go. There’s another room further down on the right-hand side. It’s just on your left-hand side by the door when you walk in.


18. Calcified Fragment XVIII – The Trenchway
In the Regicide mission in The Trenchway, before you battle Oryx, walk up to these doors, but check the pillar to the left of the doors to pick up the fragment.



19. Calcified Fragment XIX– The Trenchway
You can pick this up during patrol while in The Trenchway or during the Dreadnought mission. Get your Ghost out and jump across the disappearing platforms into a dark corridor. Watch where we shoot our gun in the video to find out the exact location.



20. Calcified Fragment XX – The Trenchway
We’re on The Trenchway again in the Dreadnought mission. Head on over to the ledge and enter the room. The fragment is hidden behind the first pillar on the left.


Fragments 21-27.


21. Calcified Fragment XXI – Founts
During Dreadnaught patrol, head to the Founts area, through the Masoleum. Just as the indicator on screen tells you that you’ve arrived at the Founts, check the metal gate right in front of you. It’s right there.


22. Calcified Fragment XXII – Founts
We’re back in the Founts again on Dreadnought Patrol. In the first room that you enter. Turn right immediately, and check out the wall. You’ll need to jump up to reach this one which is near the ceiling.

Note – we’ve made a mistake in this video. Turn right when you enter the room, and NOT left!


23. Calcified Fragment XXIII – Founts
We’re still in the Founts on Dreadnought Patrol. Drop down into the room below from the first room you entered. Head forward and take a right. Head down to the far left corner, and don’t go through the gap in the wall. This one is hard to find as it’s so dark, so check out the video.


24. Calcified Fragment XXIV – The Asylum
During the Regicide mission, as soon as you enter the Asylum, descent the stairway slightly on your left-hand side. Look down and you’ll see the fragment. You’ll have to slide down to get it.


25. Calcified Fragment XXV – The Asylum
In the Regicide mission, when you enter the Asylum, descend the stairs to the left and take at your Ghost near the bottom. Look over the left hand side and you’ll see disappearing platforms. Jump on them to find the fragment located under the arena.


27. Calcified Fragment XXVII – The Asylum
After you’ve beaten the two bosses in the Regicide mission and you go through the portal, check behind the rocks to find the fragment.


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