Destiny: Where is Xur? June 2-4, 2017 location


Where is Xur?

Destiny’s Xur, Agent of the Nine has returned for another week of flogging Guardians the latest exotic wares.

The hooded merchant arrives at either the Tower or the Reef at 10.00am BST every Friday, where he’ll offer up a wealth of exotic weapons and armor in exchange for those hard-earned Strange Coins. He’ll remain in his chosen location (which is randomised every week) until 11.00am BST on Sunday.

Last week’s Xur location was in Tower North, by the black gate in the location opposite The Speaker. This week, he’s camped down in the Tower Hangar in the bar.

Find Xur today and you’ll have access to the following items in his inventory:

  • Mask of the third man – Helmet
  • Skull of Dire Ahamkara
  • Crest of Alpha Lupi – Chest Armor
  • Hard Light – Auto Rifle

Weapon bundles: Monte Carlo and Superspy, Red Death and Steel Witch

destiny xur location

In other Destiny news, the Destiny weekly reset brought in the new Nightfall, Strike and playlists, but the focus has largely been on Bungie’s sequel. The developer revealed that Destiny 2 matchmaking isn’t going to happen, while a former Sony programmer talked about the ability to achieve 60fps if Bungie would use dedicated servers.

Meanwhile, there was also talk of a Destiny 3 release! Give us a chance we haven’t even played Destiny 2 yet!