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Destruction AllStars Season 1 Revealed And Detailed In New Trailer, With New AllStar Alba Joining The Action


Lucid Games has gone ahead and detailed the Destruction AllStars Season 1 content and roadmap in a blog post and brand new trailer.

Season 1, dubbed Hot Shots, will launch on May 5, 2021, and Alba will be the first new AllStar coming to the game. Alba is a veteran of the competition and has returned after several years away from the mayhem that takes place in Destruction AllStars.

Alba will have her own Challenge Series when Season 1 launches next week. Her on-foot breaker allows you to summon blockers out of the ground in front of her, while her hero vehicle, the Claymore will deploy a laser beam that sweeps and damages enemies nearby in its area of effect.

Season One also brings the first AllStar Pass for the game with cosmetics to earn in both a free and paid track, making up 100 tiers in total. The pass contains two Legendary Skins and one Heroic Skin, with emotes, avatars, banners, and more available. Season Points are used to progress through the pass and can be earned by completing online matches and by completing Seasonal Challenges and Sponsor Challenges.

The former is an extension of the daily and weekly challenges already available, will Sponsor Challenges are objectives set by by companies within the game and can be completed at your own pace throughout the season. Destruction AllStars’ Blitz competitive mode will also be coming about halfway through Season 1.

That covers it! You can watch the trailer for the upcoming season below:

Destruction AllStars is available now on PS5.

Source – [PlayStation Blog]