Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Guide: Best augmentations for your playstyle

It’s been a long wait for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, but it’s finally here and we have a great Deus Ex: Mankind Divided guide to show you the best augmentations for your playstyle.

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What makes Deus Ex: Mankind Divided so unique is its list of great augmentations that allow you to customize protagonist Adam Jensen to your playstyle. We’ve had a head-start so we’re going to help you out and recommend some of the more essential unlocks that you should focus on and what the best augmentations are for you prefered playstyle.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Guide

Best Augmentations

Icarus Landing: We know what you’re thinking. Why isn’t this already unlocked? The Icarus Landing augmentation allows you to survive from large falls and it may not seem like something you will need right away, but trust us it is. Not only does it help to transverse the environment more easily, it also stops you from taking unneeded fall damage. There are plenty of rooftops to transverse so trust us when we tell you, you don’t want to take the long way down.

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Social Enhancer: This augmentation allows you to read people’s emotions and personality essentially showing you how to interact and what the best course of action will be during the more important conversations in the game. The Social Enhancer helps you defuse volatile situations and helps you get the upperhand during a lot of the game’s side-quests. The Social Enhancer is essential when it comes to talking your way out of a sticky situation or shooting your way out.

Carry Capacity: Nobody likes running out of inventory space and in Mankind Divided you will be running out it fairly quick. Increasing your carrying capacity is essential when guns take up half your inventory space and leave almost no room for ammo, health, and alcohol (there is A LOT of alcohol to collect)

Implanted Rebreather: Though not exactly essential it helps a lot when it comes to exploring as a lot of hidden areas have toxic gas and the rebreather allows you to transverse these locations as long as you have the energy to do so. Some side-quests require you to transverse toxic environments so it does help to have for the completionists out there.

For Stealth

Glass-Shield Cloaking: This is essential for those looking to take the stealth approach. This stealth camo makes you invisible to everyone including drones, robots, and laser beams The Cloaking device eats away at your energy so unlocking all of its upgrades is essential.

Leg Silencers: This augmentation allows you to run and jump without making a single sound. This helps because you no longer have to crouch in order to suppress you’re footsteps you can simply move at your leisure. Unfortunately it does take up energy so you have to watch how often you have it activated.

Tesla: One of the new augmentations in Mankind Divided the Tesla shoots out electrical stunners on locked-on enemies from Adam’s hand. This is a great tool to use to stun multiple enemies from a distance. It’s also silent so you don’t have to worry about anyone hearing you use it.

Sarif Series 8 Energy Converter: The energy converter upgrades your energy bar. It allows you to increase how much energy you have and how quickly it recharges. Because going stealthy requires quite a bit of energy it’s important to have plenty in reserve.

Remote Hacking: This new augmentation allows you to hack cameras and laser trip mines from a distance. This is easily one of the best augmentations to have as you can disable cameras and drones. It doesn’t disable them permanently but it gives you enough time to get past them.

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Run and Gun

Rhino Dermal Armor: For those who enjoy just gunning their enemies down the first thing to focus on is the Rhino Dermal Armor. This is simply like increasing your defense. The armor allows you take more gun fire damage to survive longer in gun play but can also be upgraded to withstand EMP attacks and allow you to walk through electrified floors.

Titan: Another new augmentation for Mankind Divided. The Titan surrounds Adam in a black sheet of armor allowing him to negate any attack that comes his way. It essentially activates god mode for a short period of time but comes at the cost of a lot of energy.

Focus Enhancement: Another new augmentation, Focus Enhancements activates bullet time when aiming down your scope. Slowing down time makes it a lot easier to get those headshots, it even allows you enough time to shoot grenades out of the air. Lets face it, who doesn’t like bullet time?

Nano Blade: Just like the Tesla but more lethal, the Nano Blade shoots out a blade that instantly kills its target. Its ammo is hard to come by but it can cause some serious damage. It can also be upgraded to an explosive round allowing you to stick it on walls near a group of enemies instantly taking them out.

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We hope you enjoyed our Deus Ex: Mankind Divided guide. We would love to know your character builds and how you went about your playthrough in the comments section below. Mankind Divided is available now, and fans of Human Revolution won’t be disappointed.