Dev responds to IGN’s Haze review – "MEGAowch"

With early reviews for Haze looking good (Famitsu 34/40 and Italian PSM 9/10), it came as a bit of a shock when IGN bestowed a dreaded 4.5/10 on the game in their review this morning. In curiosity, contacted Rob Yescombe of Free Radical to hear what he had to say.

"My thoughts are ‘Owch.’ No, wait – MEGAowch." wrote Yescombe.

"Haze has had mixed reviews, but even GoldenEye got a 4/10 when it first came out. With a 9/10 in the Italian PSM, and an extremely positive review in Famitsu, we’re looking forward to people playing Haze and making a judgment for themselves."


According to IGN, Haze suffered from "a bland story with weak characters… [and] tons of visual issues, from texture tears and non-descript environments to pop-in and odd animation problems."

This comes as a surprise to us because back in March, PSU was given hands on with a near final build of the game and we thought the title looked fairly good. The graphics in particular looked crisp and the framerate was smooth.

With Haze releasing today in the US, and Friday in Europe, we’ll see how well gamers will jump on board with the new PS3 exclusive.