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DiRT 5 On PS5 Reportedly Has The Edge In Performance

Pixel wizards Digital Foundry have put DiRT 5 on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S through its paces, and the results seem to favour the version on Sony’s next-generation console in terms of resolution and frame rate.

DiRT 5 PS5 vs Xbox Series X/S

According to their report, the PS5 version of the off-road racer features a higher average resolution and enhanced texture filtering for the game’s Image Quality mode. In addition, there’s also a noticeable increase in detail at 120 FPS. However, there’s no VRR support for the PS5 means that the Xbox Series X/S version sees a cleaner refresh rate.

Codemasters recently confirmed that they will improve haptic feedback for the PS5 version of the game, although there hasn’t been a date set for the update yet. In addition, Sony will be patching in VRR support for its next-generation console in a future console update.

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[Source – Digital Foundry]