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DiRT 5 Update 4.00 Launches, Adds After Dark Playgrounds Content And Bug Fixes

Codemasters has announced the DiRT 5 update 4.00 patch notes, which is now live to download for PlayStation, PC and Xbox formats. The update is pretty major, and includes support for the After Dark Playgrounds and Uproar Content Pack.

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Read up on the DiRT 5 4.00 below.


  • Uproar Content Pack (separate pack, included in Amplified Edition and Year One Upgrade versions
  • After Dark Playgrounds Update – 20+ new items available to use in Create mode, including new loop-de-loop
  • Night-time conditions for Arizona and Italy Playgrounds
  • New official liveries: BMW M1 Procar, SUBARU WRX STI RX Supercar, SUBARU Impreza S4 Rally, and MITSUBISHI LANCER EVOLUTION VI.
  • Private lobbies: Online play includes private lobbies option for up to eight players via invite, with custom race event options
  • Verified Creators: Icon added to Playgrounds creations designed by selected top creators
  • New menu added to view profile statistics, including total mileage driven
  • Steam and Windows Store: Shadows cast by cars from the sun are now ray traced shadows


  • Fixed instances of game crashes occurring when attempting to sign into a profile already assigned to another controller/input
  • Scrolling statistics when waiting for an Online multiplayer now show the user’s total distance driven in miles, not metres
  • Xbox: Fixed instances of crashes during the ‘Lion’s Head’ Rally Raid Career event
  • Fix for some instances of game freeze/soft lock at the end of event
  • Fixed mute options for other players in Online public events
  • PC: Fixed instances of multiple Fanatec wheels generating throttle and brake inputs when idle
  • Button mappings on multiple Fanatec wheels have been resolved and refined, including the CSW Elite series and Universal Hub
  • PC: Resolved issue where operating photo mode with a keyboard would cause the camera to move
  • PlayStation: Fix for reports of frame rate drops when using Thrustmaster T-150 wheel
  • Playgrounds: Resolved occurrences of leaderboards not loading, triggering a network error
  • Split-screen: Mini-map will now display correctly in split-screen events
  • Xbox: Fix for shifter pattern on Logitech G920
  • Xbox: Fix for instances of graphical corruptions when entering photo mode during an event
  • PC: Fixed occurrences of driver animations not triggering as designed on a number of PC configs and graphics cards