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Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Scar Update Launches Next Wednesday

Disney Dreamlight Valley players have been waiting for a major update, and the first of its kind will be arriving next Wednesday, October 19, 2022 with the Scar update launching.

Gameloft finally confirmed the release date of the coming update today, after having previously only giving it a release window for sometime this Fall.

This update will also continue the main narrative with Dreamlight Valley, a major aspect as to why fans have been waiting for anxiously for it.

And this update couldn’t be coming soon enough, as many of Dreamlight Valley’s most dedicated players had quickly gone through everything currently available.

While the update coming next week will be free, there’s also a paid Toy Story DLC on the way, though just as with the Scar update (until today, of course), we don’t have any idea as to when that’ll be ready.

At least its not so much longer until there’s something new for those players who’ve been playing since launch day.

Source – [Gameloft]