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Doom: Eternal PS5 Trophy List Confirmed


Who knew Doom Guy was also a trophy hunter? Here is the full list of all 34 trophies the DOOM Eternal PS5 Trophies. We are expecting the trophy list to be similar to what is available on PS4, so you can check out the list below.

Doom: Eternal PS5 Trophies

Heavy Metal (Platinum Trophy)
Earn all Trophies

Doomsday (Bronze Trophy)
Complete Hell on Earth

The Hunters Became the Hunted (Silver Trophy)
Kill the Doom Hunters

Interplanetary Fracking (Bronze Trophy)
Blow a hole in Mars

Thumbs Down (Silver Trophy)
Best the Gladiator in the coliseum

Reforged and Refueled (Silver Trophy)
Acquire a new Crucible in Taras Nabad

Nontraditionalist (Silver Trophy)
Kill the Khan Maykr

Iconoclast (Gold Trophy)
Kill the Icon of Sin

The Once and Future Slayer (Silver Trophy)
Complete the Campaign on any difficulty

Treasure Hunter (Bronze Trophy)
Beat all encounters and Mission Challenges, and find all Items in Taras Nabad in a single save slot

Master of Fasting (Bronze Trophy)
Complete a Mission with only the Famine Mode cheat on

Running Up the High Score (Gold Trophy)
Complete Extra Life Mode with 10 Extra Lives in your Inventory

Crystal Craving (Bronze Trophy)
Upgrade Health, Armor, or Ammo

King of the Crystals (Silver Trophy)
Fully upgrade Health, Armor, or Ammo in a single save slot

This One’s my Favorite (Bronze Trophy)
Complete a Praetor Suit Perk category in a single save slot

They’re ALL My Favorite (Gold Trophy)
Purchase all Praetor Suit Perks in a single save slot

Homemaykr (Bronze Trophy)
Spend 8 Sentinel Batteries in the Fortress of Doom in a single save slot

Extra Extra Lives (Silver Trophy)
Pick up 20 Extra Lives Total in a single save slot

Reforged the Genie Lamp (Bronze Trophy)
Complete the cheat code collection in a single save slot

Metal Head (Bronze Trophy)
Complete the album collection in a single save slot

Playset Sold Separately (Bronze Trophy)
Complete the toy collection in a single save slot

If Only I Could Read… (Silver Trophy)
Collect all physical Codex pages in a single save slot

Bonus Stage (Bronze Trophy)
Complete a Slayer Gate

Breaker of Gates (Silver Trophy)
Complete all Slayer Gates in a single save slot

Gunpletionist (Silver Trophy)
Master all Weapon Mods in a single save slot

Meet Your Unmaykr (Bronze Trophy)
Acquire the Unmaykr

Darn It, They Keep BREAKING (Bronze Trophy)
Perform 33 Unique Glory Kills in a single save slot

Mix and Match (Bronze Trophy)
Play as 5 different Player Demons in BATTLEMODE

Fight Like Hell (Bronze Trophy)
Do 5000 damage as a Player Demon in BATTLEMODE

Blood Bath (Bronze Trophy)
Kill 200 opponents in BATTLEMODE

Man vs Monsters (Silver Trophy)
Play 25 BATTLEMODE matches

Weapons Expert (Bronze Trophy)
Kill a Player Demon with each of the 8 Slayer weapons in BATTLEMODE

Truce between Demons (Silver Trophy)
Heal yourself or your teammate for 50000 health in BATTLEMODE

It’s a Magic Number (Gold Trophy)
Kill 666 Demons.

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