Doom Eternal doom eternal update 1.03

Doom Eternal Update 1.03 Is Now Live

A brand new batch of fixes and features have landed in Doom Eternal.

Doom Eternal Update 1.03

Bethesda launched Doom Eternal update 1.03 May 14, 2020, which clocks in at 3.4 gigs. The size of this download may be a bit different depending on which platform you’re downloading from. In our case, we focus on the PS4 version of Doom Eternal.

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There are currently five demons available at launch with a steady stream of additional playable fiends promised after release.

First, we’ll start with the new features:

Empowered Demons take the field! After dying, the demon that kill you will get stronger and then get transported to another player’s game. This also means that Empowered Demons can pop into your game, and you have to deal with it. The reward for killing this demon includes health and ammo, but you also get a big XP bonus!

Echelon Leveling works a lot like Prestige in Call of Duty. Once you reach max level (which is 250 in Doom Eternal), you earn one Echelon and your level reverts back to 1. This progression gives you extra incentive to keep playing. One benefit to this is that you won’t have to worry about losing your gear when you start over a new Echelon.

The other feature added to Doom Eternal isn’t quite as significant as the previous two. However, it does make life a bit easier for multiplayer sessions. The new Favorite Code has been added to the Social Menu. This allows you to keep a select group of friends at access for future sessions.

A list of additions also come with update 1.03 for both single player and Battlemode.


  • Reduced damage taken while swimming
  • Added vertical Dash ability when in water
  • Moved the Rad Suit in Taras Nabad directly in-front of the water area so the player clearly sees it when entering the arena
  • Removed all difficulty damage scaling for both Water/Slime
  • Added Maykr Drone campaign tutorial during first encounter in Urdak
  • Added an option for Hold (Default) or Press functionality for Double Dash in the Game tab of the Main Menu Options. Hold allows the player to dash twice by holding the input. Press requires the player to press the input twice.
  • Increased the effectiveness of the Plasma Rifle Microwave Mod damage over time


  • BATTLEMODE Tutorials are now required for first-time players when entering the mode
  • Added functionality to take disciplinary action against players who exploit BATTLEMODE by prematurely exiting matches or are abusive on voice chat
  • BATTLEMODE Death Report Deaths in BATTLEMODE now display a damage report showing players exactly what killed them
  • New Indicator for Healing Demon Players New FX display under player headers in BATTLEMODE when they are actively healing. This is visible to all players.
  • New Messaging in BATTLEMODE has been added to improve the clarity of server and lobby states
  • New Network Icons in BATTLEMODE will display when network conditions introduce latency or packet loss.

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Update 1.03 also includes hotfixes:

  • Fixed an issue so that now all customized character and weapon skins appear correctly all the time
  • Fixed an art issue with one of the bodies in Urdak causing it to display improperly
  • Fixed an issue which would cause the Slayer’s hand to become stuck in place when switching weapons while picking up the frag grenade
  • Fixed an issue where using the IDKFA cheat code in Mission Select could cause weapons mods to equip on top of each other
  • Fixed an issue which would cause the rocket launcher to be removed from the player’s arsenal when quitting the game immediately after completing the combat sequence where it’s acquired in Cultist Base
  • Fixed an issue in Exultia where progress could become blocked after dying or quitting immediately before the doors open to the Sentinel plaza
  • Fixed an issue in BATTLEMODE where Marauder skins would display incorrectly during animations outside of gameplay
  • Fixed an issue in BATTLEMODE where the end of match scoreboard inaccurately represented player scores during the match
  • Fixed a rare issue in BATTLEMODE on the Penance map that would cause black artifacts to obscure player vision
  • Fixed an issue which would cause Slayer Gate keys to disappear on first playthrough of a level after activating a cheat code
  • Fixed a rare crash for when demon players load into the Extraction map from a post-match lobby in BATTLEMODE
  • Fixed an issue in BATTLEMODE where BFG kills would fail to increment Weapons Expert
  • Fixed a rare crash in BATTLEMODE where a Slayer quitting could result in one or both Demon’s game crashing
  • Fixed an issue in BATTLEMODE in which players would sometimes spawn outside of the map at match start
  • Improved messaging system to provide more clarity on any online services issues players may be experiencing
  • Fixed a crash when loading into Mars Core directly from the Fortress of DOOM
  • Fixed an issue in which the default Slayer hands would appear when color variants of the classic DOOM Marine skin were equipped while using classic weapon pose
  • Fixed issue in which the Chromatic Aberration settings reset after quitting the game
  • The Barrel Blast challenge now increments correctly when killing demons by shooting barrels
  • The Blood Puncher challenge no longer increments past the goal limit of 20
  • Fixed issue in which the number of completed Milestones displayed was not accurate for some players
  • Fixed issue in which doors in the Fortress of DOOM were sometimes invisible
  • Fixed issue in which players could not complete Taras Nabad after fast traveling to the Slayer Gate and reloading that checkpoint
  • The Arc Complex Master Level summary screen now shows the correct XP gained
  • The flame VFX now show up correctly for the Demonic Slayer skin on climbable walls
  • Fixed issue in which power-ups were not working correctly during 4th round BATTLEMODE matches
  • Fixed an issue in which the demon summon icons would flash briefly for some users at the start of BATTLEMODE rounds
  • Fixed an issue in which the player would become locked in a melee animation when rapidly switching to Chainsaw/Crucible, immediately followed by a melee attack
  • Fixed a crash when launching DOOM or DOOM II from the Slayer’s retro computer in the Fortress of DOOM